Trump Manufactures Border Crisis for Re-Election as Mexico Proposes Marshall Plan for Central America

Republicans Clash with Trump over Proposed Tariffs of Up to 25% on All Mexican Imports


Mexican officials are meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today in Washington, D.C., to discuss President Trump’s plan to impose a 5% tariff on all imported Mexican goods.

Over time, tariffs could increase to as much as 25%. Trump announced tariffs over what he claims is Mexico’s failure to stem the flow of Central American asylum seekers and migrants into the United States.

Citing potentially devastating consequences to the U.S. economy, Senate Republicans defied the president Tuesday, announcing their opposition to the tariffs. speaks with Laura Carlsen, director of the Mexico City-based Americas Program of the Center for International Policy.

Meanwhile, Mexican President Obrador is speaking loudly about human rights and investing in Central America to help their economies in the long run to stop the economic and running from violence migrations that are causing harm to everyone.  All this while Trump continues to play the Reality Show Blame Game to buttress his re-election with the fear induced populace that is buying his schtick.

Mexico’s proposal is serious and provides long term stability and solutions for the Americas after decades of abuse mainly by profiteers in the USA and their assigns in Central America.  Unfortunately, the Trump Blame Game Show offers no vision except to isolate, hide behind walls and pretend it all goes away.

In our newly Globalized world the Trumpian Punishment Isolation Doctrine has no path to success.  One nation cannot solve the global challenges.  The only choice is cooperation.  Punishment  and hiding behind walls is NOT going to suffice.  We need much more.  This is super serious.  We need great patriots who care about the USA to understand that being a patriot requires them to be global aware.

We simply cannot let Central America become a failed region in our Americas.  And we cannot punish Mexico into destabilization especially after so many positive years of progress.  Destabilization will only increase migration.  Stability and economic viability will resolve migration… but then again, these solutions are only for serious people.  It makes for a lousy TV game show!

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  1. Here’s a History of John Kelly’s Ties to Miami’s Child Migrant Camp

    “The Miami Herald reported this week the camp’s operators just got a cushy new $341 million federal contract to run the facility. As the center — already the largest of its kind in the nation — expands to hold as many as 3,200 children, it’s worth taking a look back at Kelly’s ties to the business.”

    There are several reasons military should have extended waiting periods before being allowed to serve in Politics. They brought the war to the border for profit and votes. They were all converted to evangelicals in the last decade for so.

  2. So, we have the education secretary, Betsy Devos –

    ….and the chief of staff directly contracting with the government to take immigrant children. And they happen to be evangelicals , and unapologetic control freaks. And by coincidence, Guatemala ( I watched it happen in slow motion over 3 visits spanning 7 years) was converted to evangelicalism during that span by a flood of “helpers” from the north. The last flight I took out of Guatemala City, I saw the incoming wave of people and carefully observed they were a group made up largely of connected individuals and the connection was conversion. That is what Evangelicals do. Evangelize. And they got their president at an auspicious time for human trafficking operations, and Guatemala has stated they will move their embassy to Jerusalem.

  3. There was also some video, from Myron Dewey who I like very much, that clearly showed whispers among the caravans was to “belong to the right church”. So, when you are taking people in, who cooperate 100% along the way, even to hand over children, you are in full control. That is the other thing Evangelicals do. And all religions for that matter. So now, the reward for supporting US and Israeli policies, the Guatemalan puppet will get rich selling the children of his country to religious maniacs trying to rush the end of the world. Another thing to point out, that sheds light on the rhetoric.,.. find me one couple from Guatemala who are bringing a child that is not theirs, and is not evangelical. No Maya would ever do this. It was a strong community that respected everyone at a very high level. Colonizers from the US could only dream of such communal adhesion and history and continuity of knowledge and intelligence. This isn’t over. And don’t forget, this is just a transfer from Catholicism to evangelical, and the checks have been flowing the whole time.

  4. When it comes to illegal immigration, Texas politicians are the worst of the bunch in keeping it going. Look up Texans’ favorite Kay Bailey Hutchinson (now a member of the Trump admin) and her efforts to defeat every piece of legislation to curb it. Look up her company and it’s shenanigans. Texas’ worst enemy is their own politicians which is reflected by their own votes. Texas is possibly the most corrupt state in the union and one of the most pro-Israel states as well. Just look at the power of the oil lobby and their total control. How many in Harris county had to have their water trucked in (for how many years?) and why? Texans’ biggest problem is believing everything every repug ever said, then constantly re-electing them…from GW to Good Hair to the moron they have now. Texans made their own bed and now don’t want to lie in it…but will continue to vote for the worst of the worst. The only near good thing ever to come out of Texas is Ron Paul.