After a week of brutal infighting, U.S. Democratic party leaders rushed Thursday to re-write and pass a resolution condemning both anti-Semitism and prejudice against Muslims — rather than the Minnesota Democrat’s comments on Jewish influence — so they could try to extinguish a political and media firestorm.

To ensure the hearty support of their more diverse caucus, they had to add the LGBTQ community, Latinos and Asian Americans to a list of groups targeted by hatred — leaving Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., to declare he was “very disappointed” there was not a separate measure addressing anti-Semitism on its own and Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., to note that Wiccans, Mormons and disabled people had been left out.

This whole exercise once again exposes that the U.S. is still stuck debating a false argument politically created in the 20th century to create the atmosphere that would allow the European conquest of Palestine and the continued usurping of indigenous peoples without resistance from the peoples who fund it without representation.

But before I get more deep into this, let’s be very clear here.


Jews Christians Muslims Pagan Arabs… All Arabs no matter their religion are Semites.

Semite is defined as those from Samaria who speak Semitic languages including Arabic and Hebrew.  The term anti-semite was first used in the 1770s by members of the Göttingen School of History, the terminology was derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis, together with the parallel terms Hamites and Japhetites. The terminology is now largely obsolete outside linguistics. However, in archaeology, the term is sometimes used informally as “a kind of shorthand” for ancient Semitic-speaking peoples.

In short, Semites of are from the culture of Samaria of those that speak its languages.

NOT all European and American Jews are Semites.

The reason is most are NOT from the Middle East and evolved from Eastern Europe mostly as converts to Judaism in the 8th through 10th centuries (military conquest) with no relation to ANCIENT HEBREWS in the Levant. Yiddish is a European language. It’s not Semitic!

It’s super important to know the difference so that we 21st century can engage in proper discourse based on facts with the proper intent of evolving humanity forward into a new century where bridges replace the ignorant small-minded walls built by psycho profiteers at our collective expense.

By educating ourselves, we march forward toward the eventual marginalization of bigotry and racism with eyes wide open.

Why the Confusion?

USA and Europe have a deep long held complete misunderstanding of “Anti-Semitism” (a term first used in 1770 Europe) caused by decades of 20th-century propaganda usurping and weaponizing the term “anti-Semitism” for colonial and political gain.

As most VT readers already know, ISRAEL is a new country created in 1948 by European colonists following the lead of Austrian Atheist Theodore Herzl (Der Judenstaat); commonly known as Father of Zionism; a political movement created in 1890s Europe after he wrote the book as a path forward to resolve the Jewish assimilation problem in Europe.

Since migrating from Khazaria in the 8th to 10th centuries, Khazarian Jews in Europe never fully assimilated into society clashing often with mainstream cultures.  Herzl sought to resolve this by moving these people to their state and separating the cultures so they can live in peace.

From Der Judenstaadt, the modern Zionist political movement was born.

The Zionist Congress was established in 1897 by Theodor Herzl as the supreme organ of the Zionist Organization (ZO) and its legislative authority. In 1960 the names were changed to World Zionist Congress.

Austrian Theodor Herzl; the father of Modern Zionism

Now, pre-World War I, Herzl proposed Argentina as the new Jewish State.  But then they were presented Uganda by the Ottoman Empire.  It almost happened.  Many members of the Zionist Congress went to Uganda.  It was ultimately rejected in a narrow vote mostly for being “too wild”.

Reading the World War I tea leaves, Zionist member Chaim Weitzman made a deal with England specifically Walter Rothschild, Arthur Balfour, Leo Amery, and Lord Milner that if they helped get the USA into the war and the war was won, they would be given Palestine as a reward for their “Jewish State”. (see Balfour Declaration Nov. 2, 1917).

What is super interesting is Europeans did NOT want to leave their homes and settle in a desert wasteland.  Herzl knew using the “Ancient Hebrew” sales angle would be a good sell to help get Europeans out of their homes and traveling to a land they never knew.  Falsely linking them to ancient peoples who lived 5,000 years ago might work.

At that time, the USA was the emerging land of opportunity, not the wasteland that was a backward desert of Palestine.  If anything, they would prefer to emigrate to the USA and many did so much that the USA still has the largest Jewish population of any country in the world.

Nevertheless, this started the whole process and how we got here today debating Anti-Semitism in America.

You see maintaining colonization needs consistent funding and support over time.  While there are many factors involved here, one of them is building up sympathy for the plight of colonial European Jews as victims.

So was born the idea of usurping the term Semite and labeling anyone who questioned the Zionist intentions or criticized them as “Anti-Semite” regardless that these people were never Semites to begin with.

Hey people, that’s life!  People lie, cheat, and steal and profiteers have no limitation in using whatever it takes by any means necessary to get what they desire and want.  Just deal with it.

Now to be 1000% clear, this does NOT mean there is NO anti-Jewish bigotry. There is big time and that was the real problem in Europe for almost 800 years and remains a problem; albeit less and less around the world where those who practice Judaism are mostly free to worship in hundreds of countries; even in many majority Muslim countries.  So the correct phrasing for charges of bigotry should be “anti-Jewish”; not Anti-Semite. 

Israel is becoming more and more diverse regardless of those that want to keep it held back and “pure” from the connected future that is here and coming stronger every day.

Israel 2019:  It’s NOT a Religion!  It’s a Country!

Now, let’s be very very clear folks.  Israel is NOT a religion. It’s a modern European democratic state created out of the Balfour Declaration from England (Nov. 2, 1917) as a reward to European ZIONISTS who helped win World War I.  Its current population population is almost 25% non-Jewish with the non-Jewish population growing faster than the Jewish population. It’s morphing in front of our very eyes.

To live on, it is a need for serious reform to fit our 21st century. The dogma sold to us by its creators won’t fit a newly globalized world where people travel and connect regardless of political walls created to stop the connections.  This also goes for all the Middle East countries created by England and France (Sykes-Picot 1915) that have been held back and backward to give the West complete control over oil resources.  They must change too!  There is no other way forward.  Adjust or they die!

In the USA, we see the tide turning.

On MSNBC 2 days ago, they tried to debate the phony anti-Semite Omar scandal while bringing on the typical paid hacks to claim they are outraged without rebuttal.  The bias was blatant and obvious.

But yet, when we check the comments on their YouTube videos, 90% support Omar and call out the nonsense MSNBC is selling. This means, attitudes are walking up and Americans are truly starting to question all of this.

They want answers.  They want to know why Israel has universal healthcare paid by U.S. Taxpayers but they don’t. They want to know why Detroit and New Orleans look like shit but Tel Aviv looks like Monaco!  Shouldn’t Israelis solve their problems?  They don’t need us!  Why are we paying for them? Isn’t it just retarding the eventuality that they will be forced to change and compromise with their neighbors?

Ask questions all you want.   But all of this matters not because evolution is crashing down on everyone without mercy regardless of the questions being asked.  I mean, short-term profiteers may stunt the connections but evolution will wear them out, break them down, and connect us all anyway. There is NO way to stop this global train.  It has left the building and it will never go backwards.  Sorry TrumpBots?  America will NEVER be great AGAIN… It will be something new, something different.  The 1950s are over!

So if you’re reading this and still not clear, allow me to give you some smart advice.

Always ride the wave because if you fight the wave, it will eventually drown you.  It’s just bigger and stronger than you will ever be.  So ride it in… more fun, easier and it will always work.

So people, ride the wave in.  Israel better adjust and change because the US peoples are waking up to the 20th dogma that has held them hostage paying for the dreams of European colonialists posing as victims.  It’s coming to an end very soon.

Thus, Israel must adjust itself and compromise with the indigenous populations now if it’s going to survive the 21st century.

If it does not, it will be destroyed from within.  If it does and governs all of its peoples no matter what religion they are, it will survive and live on being part of the family of nations in a truly globalized world.  It’s a choice they must make and either way works.

Now, from the USA’s point of view, let’s be very clear.

ISRAEL is NOT the USA and any member of Congress who pledges allegiance to another state is a traitor whether it be Israel or any other state. Plain and Simple.

So remember, a critic of Israeli state policy is NOT anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic.  Criticism is demanded in a modern thinking world including but not limited to its citizens. So get with it people!

Now get more educated on the issues and demand US CONGRESS represent the US Taxpayers and not foreign interests. Period. Feel free to engage, comment, and ask questions. Get informed!

Go USA, Go Israel, Go Palestine, Go 21st Century Team People!


  1. Someone told me about 15 years ago regarding the people of Israel ” Every man woman and child should be a millionaire ” …, that told me then and tells me now someone is pilfering the U.S.A. taxdollar$ as in funneling it away , stealing yes . And as I drive a few hundred miles a week across Americas broken down highways and roadways that appear as though they should be compared to the best roads any 3rd world banana republic would be proud , stealing is rampant everywhere our tax dollar$ are going ….