Trump Shutdown Exposes Even More Crimes and Lies


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  as of 9am EST, Jan. 19th, the office of  Robert Mueller has issued a rare important statement on the Buzzfeed report saying “BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller’s office

Buzzfeed Reports Trump Committed Crimes!  Trump Kids in Trouble?  Is this Whole Thing is Blowing Up?

As hundreds of thousands of un-paid furloughed federal workers remain hostage to Donald J. Trump and his promise to have Mexico, opps, I mean U.S. taxpayers pay for his wall, the incompetent Trump damage control team is doing all it can to mask what is essentially true that Trump took money from Russian oligarchs and, more than likely, Israeli bankers to keep himself alive before filing another bankruptcy after the 2008 recession.

Trump is clearly compromised.  This is why we all see the changing story lines from him and his assigns.  He’s the liar who cannot stop lying and he’s even starting to forget which lies he told which explains all the “WTF is he saying?”.  I mean its become a sad pathetic criminal farce.  This non-sense has to stop!

Here is the Trump Administration in a nutshell…


1. Russia didn’t interfere in the election

2. Ok they did, but no one on the Trump team met them

3. Ok they did, but it was just about adoptions (the Magnitsky Act)

4. Ok it wasn’t, it was about Hillary dirt, but it’s not illegal

5. Ok maybe it is, but collusion isn’t a crime, but, but WHAT ABOUT THE BORDER WALL!!!!


1. I didn’t have an affair with any pornstar

2. Ok I did, but no one on my side paid them

3. Ok they did, but it was just a settlement and I still didn’t have affairs

4. Ok it wasn’t, but I didn’t know about the payments, ask my lawyer Michael Cohen.

5. Ok maybe I did, but the payment isn’t an illegal campaign contribution

6. Ok it is, but a crime isn’t a crime just as truth isn’t truth, but, but, INCOMING CARAVAN!!!!


1. We never spoke to anyone about Trump Tower Moscow.

2. Ok we did, but it wasn’t during my run for the Presidency

3. Ok it was, but it was just an inquiry, no formal agreement existed

4. Ok it did, but it was never signed and I didn’t know about it.

5. Ok I did, and I signed it myself, but it isn’t illegal.

6. Ok it is, but, but WHAT ABOUT THE BORDER WALL!!!!!

For me, I am so BORED with Donald Trump!  His schitck is a bore.  Get rid of him and his antics already.  I am going back to my music… more fun and less B.S.

What say you?



  1. Well if BuzzFeed reported it, gotta be true. Until verified authentic audio/video of this alleged conversation is presented, it never happened.

  2. Update on this, Mueller’s office is now saying this did not happen. But why offer any type of correction when it goes against your agenda. Utterly irresponsible reporting here. I guess we don’t verify thing before reporting them anymore. Man I wish Jonas Alexis wrote for somewhere else so I could stop wasting time on the propaganda, hearsay and outright lies published all too regularly on this site. Getting as bad as CNN and BuzzFeed.

  3. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The post has been updated so readers are aware of the Mueller statement

  4. I doubt if Mueller is going to find anything “wrong” with Israeli meddling in US elections. Remember Mueller was in charge of the 9/11 “Investigation”. Cohen, Kushner, Mnuchin, Miller, Adelson and the other Jew Billionaires will be exonerated.,or get a wrist slap.
    The Goyim will be blamed and sent to Jail.
    Russia, Syria and Iran will get blamed and sanctioned or bombed.
    Netanyahu will be declared a hero for saving America by the dual US-Israeli “politicians’ in Congress.

  5. John Allen-
    Please do not be so quick to throw Johnny Punish, Jonas Alexis and VT Editors under the bus just to appease Tel Aviv Hasbara Cyber Terrorists.
    Of course Mueller is going to protect his fellow Khazarians.
    Buzz feed is sticking by their initial story with documented proof.
    Remember what Israeli Spy, US Israeli dual citizen Jonathon Pollard said upon his arrest for treason:
    ” The United States should realize that we Chosen People only owe allegiance to Israel.”