Top 5 U.S. Political Reforms Urgently Needed


How to change a dysfunctional system? Super Easy!

Consider this fact that highlights the USA antiquated system….

  • Senator Enzi from Wyoming represents 287,000 people.
  • Senator Harris from California represents 20,000,000 people

Yet they both get an equal vote in Congress?  No matter what side of the tribal divide you reside, how does this make sense on any level?

Read my top 5 ideas here…….

1. TERM LIMITS: 6 years for President, Senator, and Rep. NO RE-ELECTION ALLOWED! Long Term thinking….24/7 campaigning over!

2. END TRIBAL VOTING: Remove “R” and “D” from all ballots. Make people vote for pols based on merit and actual positions instead of party loyalty… END THE TRIBALISM!

3. PUBLIC FINANCING of Campaigns: Go back to Pre-Reagan era whereby qualified POLs would spend equally making playing field transparent and fair.

4. CAMPAIGN SEASON: Limit it to 6 months before voting. The campaign profiteering business model is OVER.

5. VOTING: Open it up and make VOTING DAY a national holiday. No work! Voting is that important. Make it a national goal to get 90% participation.