National Emergency: U.S. Citizens to Vote for President Again this November 6th!

Calling All Citizens!  You're wanted this November 6 to vote for President of the USA!

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“Those that build foundations on lies, deception and criminal fraud will suffer a collapse 10 times greater than the sum of their sins” Johnny Punish

By Johnny Punish

In light of the Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance fraud directly casting Donald J. Trump as his un-indicted co-conspirator and Trump’s ridiculous contemptuous responses to the guilty plea, the coming mid-term election will now be a clear referendum on Trump.

In other words, we get to vote again for U.S. President in a just a few months. This is urgent and will define who were are as country and where we will be going!

What caused this surprising unexpected development is the both the Cohen guilty plea and Manafort guilty convictions for fraud.

Trump could have been presidential and come to the people to condemn the behavior of both and declare justice served but sadly predictable he did his best to blame others.

In the case of Cohen, he condemned him as a “rat” and the worst attorney not realizing that the criminal jackass that hired him was Trump himself. Most of us get how stoopid that sounds.

Unfortunately and with great sadness, I have to say his brainwashed TrumpBots have no path to realize the stupidity of that statement.  Thinking it out will only cause them pain.  So better to just scream “Obama was born in Kenya”

I know, I know it’s awful to witness but this cult in real time but it’s real folks. It’s no joke. The vulnerable among us can easily be conned. It’s just human nature.  P.T. Barnum knew it and Trump definitely knows it.

So it’s up to those of us who are real chiefs in the tribe to protect the most vulnerable among us from such horrible cons and dangers. It is our duty!

A contemptuous monster like Trump could care less who he abuses, hurts and uses. He is a true menace.  The irresponsible sith-scorpion is deranged; a socio-path; a man with no conscience; a man who could care less who he hurts.  But here we are…..

Now what?

At this point, the GOP is Trump’s party.  There is NO GOP.  It is the Trump Party.  Plain and Simple!

Yes, in all its glorious corruption and complete loss of integrity and morality. The GOP have sold their spine to the criminal monster. They knew he was trouble but folded anyway.  What a huge mistake!

So here is the clarity for all citizens……

A vote for anyone GOP is a vote for Trump! Plain and Simple!

A GOP Congress will be unable to impeach the criminal no matter what crimes he engages in; it just does NOT matter. They are all in and have no path to resist his power. They are cooked and done!

A vote for anyone in the Democratic party is a vote for impeachment and removal of the criminal menace that is Trump.

If Congress goes to the Democrats, Trump is out! Plain and Simple!

Assuming the DEMs control the Congress, the criminal monster won’t resign under the weight of the extreme piles of evidence against him and his gang!  His ugly nature is about him not country.

If you don’t believe me, believe the 5 time deferment coward himself who, when called to really serve the country on the battlefield, ran away claiming bonespurs! That tattoo mark of coward is Trump.  He only serves himself.  Those are facts IN DEED!

So expect Trump to pull a Nero and burn the house down. He will not go quietly so it will get very ugly as he will have to be arrested and physically removed from the White House by law enforcement.  Bet on it!  Perp walk is coming!

It will be the greatest collapse and fall of a U.S President in our 240 year history. But the end result will be a cleansed country. Politicians will be affected for decades and decades.

They will think twice about breaking laws and flaunting them in the most ugly un-civil and contemptuous manner. Trump will be an punch line for ugly failure like Nixon was for so many decades.  Generations will use his name to describe a criminal loser!

However, if America choses to keep this criminal in office, then the USA will be a new country and no longer be anything resembling what it once was. It will have surrendered its values to criminality opening up the flood gates to a Pandora’s Box of unknown consequences that will be felt for a half century or more!

So no joke, this is serious America!  We have to make a choice. There is no time for any of us to sit on the fence and say it’s going to be alright. It’s not if we don’t act.

So make a choice America!

Vote GOP and empower the criminal.


Vote Democrat across the board and remove him from office.  

It’s a simple choice now!

What do you say?

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  1. *sigh*. So your telling me that I have to either vote for Pedophilia rights, continued Corruption in and throughout every level of law, go ahead and join the local “Women For Satanical Gardening Club” with the Toddler Raping Advocacy Group. Or…Nero?

    Hump. Death. Hump. Death. I’ve been praying for God to expedite this Apocalypse. I don’t know what you guys think the future should be. But for what I’ve endured over the last 10+ years at the behest of an Intel Contractor owned Family Lawfirm would Family in the CIA, and who advocates for Harry Hays and his endeavor. With the raping of children by fathers in higher tax brackets with real estate transfers in lieu of cash to pay off whomever so they can keep our kids while messing with our personal records and lives and minds. And.
    Just locate me through this IPS, and shoot me.
    Have you ever seen the eyes of an abused child? Pretend it’s yours. And your last life together was them crying for you to protect them. But. I didn’t have the money or connects. So. Umm. Ya. Burn it down.

  2. The point is: This is not about the lesser of two evils. This is about the United States versus evil. If we can rid ourselves
    of Draft Dodger Donnie, we rid America of the ilk that put him him in office i.e. AIPAC, Bibi, Adelson etc.
    We also rid ourselves of the Trump-Kushner Crime Family.
    We rid Ourselves of the terribly corrupt Billionaire Trump Cabinet.
    We are Americans, we cannot put billionaire grifters above the United States of America.

  3. Oh I see, globalist citizen Johnny Twink, the millenial soy boy wants me to vote for the Jewish party devoted to European racial genocide and the complete deconstruction of society. Sounds like a great idea.

  4. I’m not a fan of Trump. I will give him credit for breaking the gentlemen’s agreement that neither side will mention immigration and the displacement and destruction of White America. The Jews hate him with a passion, even if he is neck deep in Jews and always has been.

    He was not planned by the tribe. Hilldawg was to be POTUS. He has accelerated and pulled the mask off the Jew media and normies can see the absolute hatred of the Black and Brown hoardes have for YT, because they view Trump as an avatar of the White race….even though he is far from it.

  5. And replace it with squeaky clean Hilldawgs cabinet? How about sassy and sexy Kamilla Harris, yeah let’s vote.

  6. You do have a point, there are too many dual Israeli-US “citizens” in Congress (most are Democrats).
    The simple solution seems to be this:
    Do not vote for dual Israeli-US “citizens”
    (Let them join Knesset).
    And, Do not vote for for any politician that takes money from Sheldon ” Israel First” Adelson or AIPAC.

  7. JohnZ-
    Most of the dual US-Israeli “citizens” in Congress are Democrat.
    Look it up. I am saying: Vote them out. Pass a law: No more dual citizens in American Politics.
    I was also admonishing traitors like Trump,Pence, Heller, Cruz, Rubio, McCain, Graham, etc. that take money from Israeli Lobbyist,JDL, AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson and swear an oath to Netanyahu and Israel. They have sold out the United States for forty pieces of silver.