TRUMP: Worlds Greatest Investor Runs Scared from Immigration Challenge

THINK BIG! A Massive Marshall Plan for Central America SOLVES the problem. Or does it?


by Johnny Punish

So our U.S. President Trump says he’s our greatest investor; our greatest builder! Really? Where? Show me the money Trump!

After World War 2 the USA started The Marshall Plan whereby we rebuilt Europe into a thriving democracy that produces for its people. This effort was complete and total success….the greatest building plan ever in world history.

Trumps Marshall Plan? Build an expensive useless vision-less wall, cruelly separate children from their families and NEVER meet the challenge like the investor he purports to be.

You see solving the problem requires investing!  Yes Investing!  And our self-proclaimed Greatest Investor either forgot how to invest or just got so used to scamming people that he takes ugly cruel shortcuts and ends up as our cruelest most evil President in modern times.

So how to solve this immigration challenge?  And will Trump ever listen?

Well, we need immigration reform. That is clear. We can do that. We don’t need to be cruel to get there… just intelligent and sane calm non-reactionary leaders who sit down and stop playing games with peoples lives.  It’s one element that will meet the challenge.  But 100000 times better and more sustainable, we need a Marshall Plan for Central America.

Central America has fallen behind. It needs us now!

You’ll notice I did NOT include Mexico.

First Mexico just beat defending World Cup Champions Germany and the World Cup!  And that says so much about their progress right?  But really, Mexico has been kicking ass forward since democracy took over in 2000. Yes Mexico still has challenges but Mexico is stronger now than ever in our modern times.

Mexico does NOT need a Marshall Plan. They just need a US President that respects the progress and encourages it forward instead of engaging in destructive misleading XENOPHOBIC non-cents that gets us nowhere.  In other words, cut out the racist bull-shit.  It’s wasting everyone’s time.

Downtown Berlin, Germany. Vibrant, Successful… rebuilt under Marshall Plan 1948. This can be Central America too! Think Big!

As for Central America. Super Easy Solution!

Stop investing in walls and tents!  Save the effort and money.  Instead go bigger, bolder and more sustainable. THINK BIG!

Instead, invest billions into infrastructure projects down there and companies that produce goods and services. Put their people to work. Encourage strong institutions and rights for their peoples. Reward law abiding citizens. Think of this as a Europe 1945; devastated. Be like our greatest generation and make it rock!

Boom, immigration into USA will stop cold as people will always choose to stay home.

And viola! No wall needed! No separating children needed! And the USA is a hero NOT a villain! Boom Challenge Meet

But wait, there is only one major problem! It does NOT solve our racist problem. For that we need a doctor!

Your intelligent comments please – FYI, this is a NO RACISM, NO BIGOTRY ZONE!  If you prefer engaging in such, try Fox News!  They will be happy to have you!


  1. Trumps failed project in Baja pissed off the bilked investors and he got butt hurt like a snowflake and now blames Mexico.
    “The sales team gave her a book, bound in blue suede, describing a resort where residents “relax by the infinity-edge pool, margarita in hand, as the cabana boy brings fresh towels.”
    It featured Trump, shown smiling in a French gold-leaf chair, telling readers that no words or pictures “can possibly describe what is about to take shape here, but it is certainly going to be the most spectacular place in all of Mexico.”

  2. Mr I never settle, settled the case in 2013.
    “The property was foreclosed on before construction began” ,.. not good building. It is also written there, that the failure was due to the market crash of 2008. That is not the reason. I don’t really know, but I think it was because of shady business going on … a lot of shady US builders have tried to do stuff down there.

  3. What youve written is the sane & humane thing to do, people caring for people which is what our world should be doing, but its not what the illumanati wont, they wont to rape & pillage every south American country they possibly can & leave the country & people totally decimated, broke & dying & Trump is their head man under instruction!(Kazar/Zion/Illuminatti)
    Regards John