American Insanity: Time to End Billions of Taxpayer Monies Sent to Fund Crazy 19th Century Zionist Dreams

Trump’s bankruptcy attorney and Eretz-Israeli Firster Pro-Criminal Settler Extremist David Friedman to become US Ambassador to Israel setting up major conflict between world and USA


by Johnny Punish

This past week, illegal Israeli settlements were at the very top of the news cycle.  At the U.N. a resolution passed condemning Israeli policy to steal land from indigenous peoples in the guise of “freedom”.   The USA abstained opening the door for world to declare Israel’s naked colonial actions are in violation of international law.

This resolution has exposed the settler scam as a pure land grab in pursuit of a 19th century dream from a well meaning Austrian atheist who tried to resolve a European stress point that existed for hundreds of years but has now turned into a pure colonial grab from insane 21st century profiteers in the corridors of power hurting every Israeli and Palestinian child in the process.  What’s worse, some still want American Taxpayers to continue to fund this abject 19th century failure in our 21st century.  It must end!

As we know, USA Secretary of State gave a long overdue speech defending the abstention vote eloquently articulating the reasons and manners to which the USA can no longer look the other way on such illegal activity.  He explained that it is NOT in the best interest of the USA and therefore could NOT veto to be the sole country in world other than Israel to stand up and be accomplices in breaking the law of nations and our modern world.

But what is telling is watching a shrinking minority of American citizens still act out and try to defend stealing and illegal settlements.  Many are Fundamentalist Christian Extremists who believe with all their vulnerable hearts that Eretz-Israel will save them when Jesus, their messiah comes back to declare salvation for them.  You gotta know Netanyahu loves that pitch and proudly cashes their taxpayer checks!

Of course the give money to Zionists to save your soul is completely insane but they’ve been sold the con by AIPAC and Zionist leaders and it makes them feel good that Jesus will come save them if they send their money to Zionists; not even knowing what a Zionist is or even where it came from.  But it allows them justify stealing and breaking international law completely with a shrug washing away any moral leverage they once may have had in the process rendering Fundamentalist Christians a serious bad joke!

And then we have American Jews, most of whom are true vanguards of human rights and continue to stand with civil rights in the USA and around the world.  These fine sane peoples are pro-Democratic Israel but against stealing land, illegal settlements and breaking international laws.  You can find them eating hummous and hanging out with Palestinians in harmony, peace, and brother hood.

But there is that lovely rogue faction of American Jews who truly believe in Eretz-Israel to the core.  President-Elect Trump’s choice for Ambassador to Israel, extremist David Friedman,  is one of these ideologues; a profiteer in wolfs clothing.

I have actually interviewed, debated, and spoken with many of these committed ideologues.  They are no different than a nut job Christian fundi or a phone Muslim extremist trying to justify beheading people because God told them.   All crazies!

What I have found is most have actually never read Der Judenstaat (1896) or even know the history of Zionism.  That’s right!  Most don’t even know about the the father of the State of Israel Theodor Herzl. Most are not even aware that there were countless other countries considered to be “Jewish State”. It was not just Palestine!  And I am sure many of them reading this still won’t believe it!  It does not matter to them because it goes against their dogma!  Facts?  What’s that right?

These fundamentalist nut jobs bought the sales pitch hook line and sinker as their 19th century Zionist leaders had hoped.  And it worked effectively getting us to 2017 where “Jewish State” exists in Palestine and where settlers stealing land to complete Eretz-Israel is justified because God gave them the land 5000 years ago.   Stop laughing!  I know right?  You can’t write a better con-job sales pitch!  Those 19th century Zionist leaders were right!  They bought it!

19th century Theodor Herzl – Author of Judenstaat (1896) and Father of Zionism

So looks look a bit deeper into the insanity shall we………….

Did you even know Israel was almost created in Uganda?  That’s right!  In Africa, not Palestine!  The British Uganda Program was a plan to give a portion of British East Africa to the Jewish people as a homeland.

The offer was first made by British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain to Herzl’s Zionist group in 1903. He offered 5,000 square miles (13,000 km2) of the Mau Plateau in what is today Kenya. The offer was a response to pogroms against the Jews in Russia, and it was hoped the area could be a refuge from persecution for the Jewish people.

The idea was brought to the World Zionist Organization’s Zionist Congress at its sixth meeting in 1903 in Basel. There a fierce debate ensued. The motion to consider the plan passed by 295 to 177 votes.

The next year, a three-man delegation was sent to inspect the plateau. Its high elevation gave it a temperate climate, making it suitable for European settlement. However, the observers found a dangerous land filled with lions and other creatures. Moreover, it was populated by a large number of Maasai who did not seem at all amenable to an influx of Europeans.

After receiving this report, the Congress decided in 1905 to politely decline the British offer. Some Jews, who viewed this as a mistake, formed the Jewish Territorialist Organization with the aim of establishing a Jewish state anywhere.

Argentina was actually considered by Herzl.  In fact, he mentions it in his book “Der Judenstaat“, translated from German means “Jewish State”.   Herzl often referred to the new Jewish state as “over there”.  And, in fact, many countries and lands were looked at as a possible “Jewish State”.  It was not until later, when political climate and expediency were at hand, that Palestine was finally chosen.

Part of the reason Palestine was chosen was the ability to use the “Ancient Hebrews holy land god gave it to us sales pitch”.  Zionist leaders felt the sales pitch would help European and Russian Jews emigrate away from their homes to “Judenstaat”.    Of course, most did NOT want to leave their homes.  No one does!  In fact, it’s not only a human condition for Jews but for everyone.  When under oppression ie… the Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Czarist Russia 1903-1906, leaving becomes a matter of survival not sentimental choice.  So this sales pitch was deployed.  And the rest is history.

Most Israeli’s and Jews around the world have NEVER read Herzl’s Der Judenstaat or even have studied the World Zionist Congress to know the facts on how Israel was created.  Instead, many have bought the 5000 year old con job sales pitch that God gave them the land of Palestine.  It gives them a historical fulcrum to justify their modern day predatory colonialism.  It truly allows them to demonize of the indigenous peoples and take their land by any means necessary.  It’s a con-job! Plain and Simple!  This better explains why so many look the other way on settlements.  They just insanely see it as god’s decision and so it’s cool to steal.  And some, actually think it saves  them from terrorism or whatever B.S. the Zionist have fed them from decades of propaganda.

Anyways, the fact remains that original Zionist leaders seriously considered Uganda and Argentina as choices for their “Der Judenstaat” proving that the myth of return from 5000 years was just a sales pitch and now an excuse for the last Europe colonial endeavor of the modern era.

Some other interesting facts about Theodor Herzl

  • Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer
  • Born to Jewish parents but professed to be Atheist.
  • None of Herzl’s children were Zionists. None had ever been to “Palestine”.  His Children knew little of being “Jewish”.
  • Later in life, his children converted to Christianity; a fact Israeli’s ignore in their schools because it’s not convenient to refer to the father of their country having children who thought Jewish State was appalling.  It does not fit the narrative of modern day Israel so their history is ignored.  To this day, they claim Hans Herzl is Jewish. Their rational is once a Jew always a Jew.  Insanity?  Yep!

Now What?

And so here we are …..engaging in debate with American Taxpayers on the virtue of stealing land from people because God gave them the land while Zionists continue to fleece American Taxpayers blind for billions upon billions of dollars.  What kind of crazy debate is this?

This crazy stuff as the USA is about swear in a President that sold us a mantra “Make America Great Again”.  Well how’s that supposed to work when American Taxpayers are being fleeced in the billions upon billions for a tiny country of 7 million people halfway around the world that says NOTHING about life in Detroit or New Orleans or on the impoverished Main Streets of America?

This is the challenge for Americans!  Should taxpayers invest in the USA or on the dreams of others at the expense of the homeland?

Israel is not the United States of America.  American taxpayers pay each year to make their country great; not to fund our countries.  USA has its own challenges and it must invest here at home and not on some 19th century well meaning but antiquated Austrian’s dream.  That’s not anti-semitic or anti-Israel or anti-Jewish.  It’s simple pro-American.  Period!

Yet with a President Elect-Trump and his Eretz-Israel Firster Ambassador, it appears that taxpayers will continue to be fleeced as usual and get nothing for it; as usual.

Let’s wish Israel success and let their citizens pay for it.  Plain and Simple!

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