Solar Power Blues in Playa del Carmen Mexico


By Johnny Punish

I have lived in and traveled back to Playa Del Carmen Mexico since the early 2000s. This week, I have come back to this leading tourist and vacation spot in Mexico. My first impression is that the 2008 recession that hit the world and this spot is so over! It’s vibrant and busy. Lots of energy and action. Things are moving, grooving, and growing at a market honest pace without the nutty fast-paced crazy-ness we saw pre-2008.

But I did notice one interesting thing where Playa del Carmen is NOT catching up on; 21st-century alternative green energy.

It seems to me that Playa del Carmen, and generally, the Riviera Maya (Cancun-Playa del Carmen-Tulum) is way behind the alternative renewable energy movement. Not Good!

With lots of natural sun and wind, it appears a no-brainer! Yet, my first impression is that that developers are totally ignoring solar and wind power to run their buildings. Why so behind the leading edge curve?


With the super high cost of electricity along with high vacationer use of air conditioning, it seems to me that business people would clearly understand how much they can save by using solar/wind grid-tie systems (lower cost). It is relatively inexpensive to set this up. One can just install solar panels and a grid-tie inverter and boom, you’re in business. Come on! This is simple easy stuff! It’s all on!

But even more dynamic, in places where power outages are more common, one can deploy a more sophisticated energy storage battery system like the Tesla Powerwall Elon Musk has developed at Tesla Energy that makes the wall a storage battery. Come on, folks! Let’s think about this! This is a very cool world-leading doable now stuff!

Furthermore, marketing the place as a leading-edge solar energy and wind alternative energy responsible destination would bring in huge dividends from around the world because it would attract amazing people and bring even more attention to this very cool eco-gorgeous place. I mean, why not take better care of this amazing place. Do we have to be so short-sided that we aim to destroy what makes this place fantastic? Going green makes cents on every level!

So to me, at the very basic small thinking level, one can make this a pure self-interest play and NOT be altruistic whatsoever and be very profitable. In other words, one does not need to be a “save the planet” person because one can pay virtually zero for electricity to run one’s business, home or condo using solar/wind or pay thousands of dollars per year using the old 20th-century local energy company. (CFE)

I mean buildings can install solar panels on the tops of their buildings or even be innovative and develop creative ways to retrofit buildings ie… creating windows that have panels or sides of buildings can be panels.

Or how about installing wind turbines at the top of buildings? Ugly? Heck no! Abusing the planet is ugly! Solar and wind is beautiful! Plain and Simple! It would speak so loudly to the world that Playa del Carmen is a true world leader destination! So why not? What are developers doing? Why the uber-short-sided thinking?

I mean taking a basic self-interest position even the most short-sided uber greedy developers would profit from taking this 21st-century step forward. Think about it! Changing Playa del Carmen into a world-class alternative green energy tourist destination would attract the most sophisticated global buyers who are eco-leaders helping inspire the less sophisticated to step up to the “save the planet” ethos without much effort!

So what are you waiting for Playa del Carmen?
Are you ready to join the 21st Century?
Get on board!

I welcome your comments and questions

About Author: Johnny Punish is a musician, businessman, and eco-human rights political activist. You can read his full bio on his Official Johnny Punish web site. He is on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Just Google Him!


  1. Hi Johnny
    Great artical! It is very perplexing why Playa and other super sunny vacation destinations with high electric grid rates have not jumped on the renewables train more so by now?
    We are starting a permaculture center about 15 kilometers in the jungle behind Ciudad Maya Kobe and plan to use a combination of both solar and wind and battery storage to provide 100 percent of our energy requirements.
    Can you recommend a local renewable energy provider in Playa?