Holocaust Deniers, Downplayers, and Degenerates


Unofficial President of Team People Johnny Punish Goes Nutzo on Extremists and Haters

By Johnny Punish

The European Holocaust (1939-1945) was a horrific event that was pure evil. Period! In my view, there is NO debate about this absolute fact. Period!

Now granted, some dispute the numbers actually killed. I mean some say it was 6 million. Some say 4 million. And even some say 1 million. In fact, a very small vocal minority labeled “Holocaust Deniers” say it never happened at all.

In my view, it matters NOT how many were killed because one person gassed is way too much. So we should NEVER forgot such evil no matter how many were actually killed.

The point is that whatever happened over 70 years ago, well it was a massive stain on humanity.  And such events should never be used as propaganda to further future political movements or worse; more ethnic cleansing. (See Holocaust Card Wearing Thin in Face of War Crimes)

In fact, the atrocities committed in World War II by Hitler and others like Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union who killed much more than Hitler, some say 60 million people, are horrific at the very core. There is NOTHING that justifies genocide and ethnic cleansing! Nothing!

And it matters not where genocide and ethnic cleansing happens; whether to European Jews in Germany, Tutsi Africans in Rwanda, Armenians in Turkey, Muslim Circassians in Russia, Native Peoples in the Americas or elsewhere; it is all bad and evil. Not one of them is more important than the other, it all sucks!  Period!

For me, I stand 100% with DePaul University Professor Norman Finkelstein who’s family was directly exterminated in The Holocaust.  And I stand with all victims and survivors of the European Holocaust.  Period!  Is that clear?

I consider Finklestein and his ilk heroes for their work in bringing the Holocaust to the attention of the world and help bringing about a better world to live in for our children.

And I believe the Nazis and their leader Adolf Hitler have been rightly convicted of their crimes both at Nuremburg Trials and in perpetuity by the court of global public opinion.  So I hope this statement above makes is very clear as to where I stand on The Holocaust and even other genocides.

Also, like Finklestein, I take strong offense to the use of the Holocaust to subjugate and torture the indigenous peoples of Palestine who had ZERO to do with the Holocaust.

Like Finklenstein, I take strong offense to the crocodile tears of those who think that because the Holocaust happened to European Jews that this sick event gives Zionists the right to persecute the native peoples of Palestine.

On the contrary, I believe that if you stand against the Holocaust you must, like Finklestien says, stand against the racist and bigoted policies of the State of Israel that systematically and continually engages in ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

In this post Donald Sterling world of NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR, it’s time to wake up and understand what is being done in our name!  It’s disgusting!  And it must end!  We’re all human beings; not just some of us!

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