AMERICA REMEMBERS: 911 Museum Opens in New York City


Legend of 911 Continues as Politicians Flock to NYC Dedication Ceremony Giving Speeches and Looking for Photo Ops

by Johnny Punish –

Today in New York City, the 9-11 Museum was officially opened with a star-studded ceremony that was attended by the who’s who in politics, government, dignitaries, survivors, and some of the 911 family members of the victims.

The ceremony was broadcast live on US television with the expected reverence paid to the tragedy that was brought upon the U.S.A. and the world on that fateful day in 2001.


What struck cords was the sincere heartfelt and heartbreaking presentations by survivors and the family members of the victims who spoke and presented their stories to remind us what this tragic and life-changing event was and remains for everyone.

What was interesting was watching current politicians who were NOT in leadership at that time speak about the tragedy including President Obama, New Jersey Governor Cristie, Former President Clinton first lady Hilliary Clinton and more. They did their customary speeches to pay their respects and generally did a good job.

Interestingly, this writer did NOT see former U.S. President George W. Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney who were the presiding leaders on that fateful September day. Where were they? Just a question? Too busy?

And Vice-President Biden?   I heard he may have been too busy helping his son take his Board Member seat on a major Ukraine Gas company; just sayin’.

Indeed, it was sad to watch the survivors trot out and, with great emotion, relive that event with all of us watching because of what we do know and what we do not know.  These good people are forever tied to this thing.  It really is tragic.  But really, I am concerned that these amazing good people, all of whom care at the highest level of being who gave their very best, are contributing to a myth over time that sells the world a story that may not be complete or even true.

What We Do Know

What the general public does know about 911 is that the WTC, Pentagon, and what was to be an alleged attack on the White House (Flight 93) happened on September 11. Furthermore, the public knows that;

  • New Yorkers did the most amazing job under the direst circumstances in providing emergency services.
  • 3 towers fell but only 2 towers were hit by planes (Building 7 was NOT hit)
  • Building 7, the 3rd tower to fall was a 46-story steel building that officials say fell by fire.
  • The powers in D.C. attacked Afghanistan and Iraq based on faulty and fabricated intel.
  • Millions of innocent people died in Iraq and countless thousands in Afghanistan.
  • Trillions of dollars were spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
  • Billions of dollars went missing with no accountability.
  • The whole world was with the USA and would do anything to help bring the culprits to justice and then the whole world left the goodwill on the floor after it was found out that the U.S. attacked Iraq using fake pretenses.
  • U.S. civil liberties were completely lost via congressional acts against the people via swift acts with bizarre names that completely countered their intent eg….The Patriot Act.
  • The U.S. broke and continues to break international law torturing people without regard to due process. (Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, and more)
  • U.S. debt has gone through roof during this “war on terror” and remains so to this day.
  • U.S. President George W. Bush, when asked about the search for Osama Bin Laden, admitted that “we were not looking for him” which was very bizarre considering they sold us that he was the leader in the attack.

What We Do NOT Know

Some many things the general public does NOT know or is very confused about.  For example;

  • Why was Bush admittedly not looking for Osama Bin Laden; the world’s # 1 terrorist?  Was he already dead?  Was he really not the terrorist?  Was this a Wag the Dog revelation?
  • Why did Obama announce “we got him” and then NOT show us any pictures, video, DNA, body, or anything that would prove that the world’s # 1 terrorist and the reason we took all those actions for the War on Terror was captured and killed?  Was he already dead?  Was that whole capture thing fake?
  • How did Building 7 fall? No steel building in world history has crashed to the ground like that after a fire, let alone in just a few hours.
  • If Iraq War had nothing to do with 911, then what was it for?

Of course, for the general public, there are many more unanswered questions and we can go on and on. But really, today, we see good people in New York City plead and bleed out their hearts at the dedication of this museum.

And today, new leaders don’t even ask what really happened.  Instead, they just sell us the myth of what happened, give us speeches that sound sincere, and then go back to being corporate-paid whores who continually sell out the U.S.A. without regard to real people who suffer for their power-hungry mental illness, greed, and ambition for power.  Hey, at least they give good speeches, right?