The Bad Karma Sochi Olympics


The Blame Games Expose Cultural Arrogance and an Unearned Superiority Complex Making USA # 1 in Humble Pie

by Johnny Punish

Collectively, the American delegation to the Sochi Olympic Games in Russia has been underperforming. From Shaun White’s disappointing exit in snowboarding to figure skating no medals to both men’s and women’s teams losing spectacularly to Canada in Ice Hockey.


Overall the medal count is below what was expected. It has been very disappointing indeed.

But what is at play here?

First, let’s start with the clear deliberate bashing of Russia by the mainstream American media. From the start, the media has been trashing Russia every chance it could. It was as if the Pentagon was giving the media its talking points.

I mean Russia could do nothing correctly according to American media setting up the American public and the athletes for a bad vibe, and bad energy. Yes, I said it…. bad energy! And I mean it.

It’s the law of attraction that plays its role.

And here’s how it works. First, you think of something genuine and it comes to you. So if you think Sochi is a horrible place and Russia a terrible country as the media wants you to think, then you reach back to the Soviet Cold War gene in the back of your spine to pull out that bad energy. And boom, your game is a bit off.

So who’s fault is it that the Sochi games have gone bad for the USA?

Well, I do not have the documents or evidence yet but it appears that the media has bashed the host country fed by our beloved government and has it out that Russia is the culprit.

But really, maybe it’s our fault. I mean before we start bashing others, maybe we need to get our own house in order. I mean, USA # 1 is a fun cheer but does it really have a credible mantra when;

  1. Our beloved NSA spies illegally not only on us but on everyone around the world
  2. We operate GITMO; a prison not even on our shores that usurps the once great American tenant of due process by Gulag-ing people making a mockery of our justice system that used to be the greatest in the world. Gulag-ing? A new Olympic sport? Just sayin’
  3. And how’s bout stop giving Israel billions upon billions of our taxpayer dollars so we can stop supporting Apartheid, the Berlin Wall of Palestine, and the largest concentration camp on the planet in Gaza? I mean what side of history on was on here?
  4. And how bout our Homeless people? The fact that I even have to mention homeless people is the point here. We spend trillions on fake wars for global elites to control resources but yet we have a homeless problem? This is beyond a disgrace! It’s uber contempt for humanity at the highest level.
  5. And how’s bout our fake democracy? We have a 1 party system with 2 factions and a Congress that is beholden to a global cabal of corporations whereby the big money wins and the people get shafted. I mean how do we go around selling that the USA is # 1 when we use an 18th-century election system in the 21st century? I am talking to you Electoral College; whatever that relic thing is! Geesh!

And I can go on and on!  I mean the dam list is so long it would take me a whole week to write it up but you get the point. We need to clean up our mess before we go off on Russia and start projecting our failings on them. In short, it’s called personal responsibility.

The USA needs to change itself wholesale; from within and then project outward.  The good news is that sports can teach us.   I mean when a team fails, you reform, make adjustments, study the competition who is winning and make your move.  And simply, that’s what the USA needs to do both politically and culturally.

And as for the hard-working great athletes, well if we simply continue to blame the world for our ills and not resolve and reform at home, well maybe next time they will all go all VIC WILD and renounce citizenship and become Russian because Russia supports its athletes with good energy and we don’t!

I mean, after all, former American VIC WILD took home a gold medal for Russia while the USA took a puck to the face and a bitter pill called “Why don’t we join the human race, fix our homeland, and participate in the global successes of others instead of engaging in negative bashing”. Just sayin’