SYRIA: Obama War Speech Bombs!


Obama Misses Chance to Communicate Major Middle East Policy That Brings Core Values of our Common Humanity to World.  Instead, Delivers Canned AIPAC-Zio-Bankster Drivel Before Capitulating to Reality

by Johnny Punish

U.S. President Barack Obama just finished giving his much anticipated Syria War Speech and boy did it bomb.

First, let’s get this straight right now. He did agree to meet with Russia and get this settled diplomatically.  So for us the global people, this is a huge victory for all of us.

Assuming Russia can close this deal out and neutralize the warmongers in D.C. who have completely bull-shited their way into the non-cents, well, we are all winners! So bravo to Putin and bravo to Obama for seeing the light.

But let’s dissect, shall we?


Israel Drops U.S. Supplied Chemical Weapons on Gaza Peoples (2008)

The US supplied Israel with chemical weapons, namely White phosphorus in 2008, and it was dropped on the people of Gaza violating international law and all human norms of behavior.  Yet this so-called U.S. President has the gall and nerve to pull the Holocaust card out and relate Assad to Hitler gassing the Jews in World War II! Really?

Look, let’s be frank! Obama has already frustratedly admitted to former President of France Sarkozy that he has to deal with Israeli Prime Sinister Netanyahu on a daily basis.  He said that in the very bad moment that was caught on tape when the microphones were supposed to be off.  He was responding to Sarkozy after he called Netanyahu a liar.  In other words, Obama was telling Sarkozy that he was worse off cause he had to put up with the mentally ill Bibi.

It was one of those revealing moments when we can see how our U.S. President is really at the mercy of the NWO Zio Banksters.

This explains how our U.S. Presidents can ignore the crimes of Israel and yet pull out the Holocaust card on cue.

Yep, the Holocaust!  That terrible horrible event over 70 years ago that no one under 50 even recalls having an impact on their lives. Yet, just 4 years ago, the US and Israel used chemical weapons on Gaza.  And on this recent event, well they have convenient amnesia. How nice!

I am guessing that senior AIPAC lobby veterans put the lovely Holocaust card in the speech along with forcing Obama to say that Israel has an unbreakable bond with the USA. They always do that!  It must be in their bylaws or something!
Anyways, most Americans I know, the Joe Q. Publics’, have no idea this goes on in D.C.   Heck, most think the U.S. President has autonomy. Well, he doesn’t folks and that’s why Obama looks like Bush and Bush looks like Obama.


In fact, most U.S. Presidents cannot stand the power of the Zionist lobby; both Republicans and Democrats. They hate Israel but they are unable to say so because they got the USA by the freakin’ balls. And that’s the fact!

In fact, Israel is completely and utterly above the law and has been for over 60 years. So let’s get that straight right now! This is a real no-bull-shit zone! Okay!

In fact, Israel can murder U.S. citizens at will with impunity.  That’s a fact!

Don’t believe it? Okay then, I dare you!  Go ahead and Google Rachel Corrie or Furkan Dogan.

The U.S. President is still playing the “We Know” card and still has NOT given us any evidence on who did the chemical attack.

Come on bro!  You can’t just say “We know” and then say see the pictures!  We want real independent corroborating evidence!  We trust you but it needs to be verified!

Well, at least this time, Obama is showing us a picture of something. That’s a lot better than “We Got Him” when they supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden and produced no pictures, no body, no DNA, no reporters who saw the body, and then said they threw his sorry ass into the ocean to respect Islam. Now that one was comedy! That scriptwriter must have been fired because it was just too stupid.

So this time, from the same podium in the White House where Obama gave us “We Got Him”, we get “We Know” and some video that shows kids dying from a chemical attack.
But who did it? Where is the evidence that says Assad did it?

Assad himself, just another self-serving dictator, says he did not do it. Russia says he did not do it. The U.N. says that something happened but they cannot tell that Assad did it. There are others that say that the extremist Al-Qaeda rebels supported and paid for by the USA actually did it.

OK, well then, who did it? The point is we don’t know!


But here’s the real kicker. This whole is a large red herring anyway. It’s non-cents!

The US does not give a darn about chemical weapons against children. This is a tested fact! This is just another pretext used by the warmongers who prop up Obama and seek control of the money supply and resources.

If they did care about chemical weapons,  they would indict Netanyahu for war crimes.  This after he admitted he used them in Gaza in 2008 and then apologized saying he won’t’ do that again.

And then, after they convict and sentence Bibi, they would indict themselves for conspiracy to commit a crime against humanity because it was them who supplied the toxins.  But noooooo!  That does not happen which means it does not pass the validity test. Okay! Get it?


Look, I really like Barack Obama. As a person, he’s actually a cool guy so I am NOT bashing him as a person. I am telling it like it is in that the U.S. has been hijacked and there is NOTHING a U.S. President can do about it.

It’s we ja people that have to take action.


Yes, we are at war but it’s not against Syria. It’s against the hijackers who have usurped the good American people who force the American president into looking like the fool who can’t shoot straight.

To put is lightly, we need to throw AIPAC out the country and send them back to Israel.
I mean, even Obama just said that they can defend themselves without any problem.

Oh yeah?  Great! So get the fu$k out of our country and go the fu$k away! Leave!

And then to put a bookend on it, we need to get rid of corporate lobbying in DC and return America back to the people! We need to overthrow our system of government; not Syria!


As for the Obama “I promise no boots on the ground” phrase, hey come on! Of course, they don’t need boots on the ground anymore. He can make that promise because he will blow up all the military bases in Syria with drones and fighter jets allowing the proxy U.S. Army formerly known as Al-Qaeda to get in there and hang Assad. That was the real game plan.

Except for the jerk-offs in D.C. who rule the place forgot that Putin was playing on the poker table. He was the guy with the shades on that did not say a word while everyone else was waving their bravado claiming to be Carlos Danger.


Anyway, Putin and his gangsters don’t much appreciate that their biz deals in Syria and Iran are under threat. No No No! Not this time! And so Putin politely said NO.

And Obama had to back down because his backers did not see that one coming and were not prepared for a Putin gambit from left field.

They thought they could marginalize him and his assignments.

Oops! Putin had his cards hidden till the last round and booya! He pulls out his ace in the hole and exposes the hoax!

Now, with the Obama plan outed failing the test of validity, Obama has to back down whilst his backers cuss him out in Yiddish probably using words only an angry Zionist could understand.

I can see Netanyahu going crazy at his lair in Tel Aviv. It must be a sight to see indeed; probably foaming at the mouth!


But really, the truly sad part of all of this is that what the world needs now is a real pure, and easy-to-understand U.S. Middle East Policy.  One that can be communicated not only to Americans but to everyone around the world; a policy that is defined by the core values of our common humanity with an eye on bringing us all together. You know, something really bold. Something like the Kennedy Moon Shot idea. Something that big!

But because Obama has the proverbial gun to his head, we get this garbage; nothing big, nothing exceptional, nothing with a vision; just an ode to the same ole corporatocracy that continues to rape the world blind without any care or vision. It really sucks!

Anyways, the good news and silver lining for today is that we the people have averted more death and destruction. And no matter how we got here, it’s here and so let’s celebrate the victory.

Now for the bad news…..

Be ready cause the warmongers will be back like wild coyotes who smelt blood but were denied the kill by a righteous farmer. Anyway, you better know that they are determined. There are huge amounts of money and power on the line for them and they won’t suffer this defeat nicely. So keep your guard up. The warmongers are coming!