The Great Global Transition


As Nationalism Dies, All The Power is in The Hands of the People Rich Enough To Buy It!  While We Walk The Streets To Chicken To Even Try It!

by Johnny Punish

It started back in the 17th century with this thing called Nationalism and, in the mid-20th century, the push to end it started. And it will end in this, our 21st century!

We are in the middle of it right now and when our ancestors look back at us, they will realize that we struggled in the middle of this thing; that we had some ups and many downs while the global masters put us through this “great transition”.

What “great transition,” you ask?  Well, the transition from nation states to a true global unified world under one rule.

Back in the mid-20th century, we saw the emergence of multinational firms. We saw the rise of Exxon and the other huge companies like BP that went from a unique British company to a truly global entity. (Seven Sisters)

Fast forward to today, and we see much more than just the big 7 oil companies going global. We have a Subway sandwich chain with more international stores around the world than even Mcdonald’s and KFC. But it’s not just former US firms that went global. We saw ZARA from Spain become one of the largest international retail chains in the world. And there are thousands upon thousands more with names you don’t even know that have gone global.

These firms are no longer national firms, they are global firms run by global citizens who may have a nominal personal nationality, but for intents and purposes, they are globalists.

For men like Rupert Murdoch, he was once an Australian and now, purchased with a massive cash, an American. But really, he cares not for either Australia or the USA.  He’s a globalist.

And there are thousands more like him. And these people play a global game while billions of unaware still play the antiquated national game….keeping the master elite in charge during this “great transition”; a managed transition.

And me and you? Well, we’re close to the bottom of the food chain while the disconnected and disenfranchised super poor suffer at the bottom like starving catfish in a nuclear-infested polluted pond where there is virtually no real food to eat; just plastic synthetic corporate-made gruel that tastes like powdered mac and cheese.

US Government “getting ready for civil war”; the experimental vaccines in your dinner; and that virus on your computer – the army now linked to systematic black ops against ordinary citizens. Seek truth from facts with Trends Journal publisher Gerry Celente, editor of Storyleak Anthony Gucciardi, and author of Questioning the War on Terror Dr. Kevin Barrett.

But where will it end?

Truthfully, right now, the USA is about to take military action in Syria in the guise of caring about the welfare of the Syrian people who are being chemically killed, allegedly, by their ruler Bashir Al-Assad. But really, it’s just another ruse for the elite to change the map, change the world, and change the dynamic that will get them further down the road on this great transition. It’s just part of the master plan; nothing heroic or patriotic. Just biz as usual.

OK, again, so where will it end?

It will end sometime this century! It could be 50-70 years from now as the generations change and we get a full human population that never knew life in the nation-state dynamic of the past. In other words, the old crusties like you and me will have to die off; replaced with the new human who does not question a global entity or freedom and old concepts like liberty and justice. For this to work, they will need a new conditioned population that embraces this global new world order as the utopia.  And that’s where this will end!

Now as part of the last remaining activists in the history of the world, I would like to believe that we will have a benevolent transition and the billions of us on the planet will thrive. I am hoping that we end up with a Jacque Fresco-type future where the distribution of resources goes to all of us as we need and not to the super-rich while the billions of us starve.  But that may be wishful thinking!

Now, granted, I must admit that the world is safer now than in the 20th century (check the facts). With over 7 billion, we have less dying from war now than ever. But that “better” performance does not give us a green light to continue. We must evolve more, better, faster, stronger, and with more understanding of our human condition; I am hoping!

But truly, I fear that without a change in the global system, we are doomed to the Bilderberg New World Order vision of the future whereby the super elite continues to control all the resources while, we the global sheeple, get managed like livestock…some sterilized, some workers, some allowed to slave for their masters in exchange for breathing rights.

As a visionary Punk Rock Warlord once said “The Future is Unwritten“.  The war rages on!