SYRIA: U.S. Secretary of State Kerry Makes Colin Powell-like Case to Attack


No Colin Powell-Esque Cartoon Graphs But Same Ole “Believe Us Cause We Said So” Routine Delivered By Kerry and the Forces Ready to Attack Syria

by Johnny Punish

Today, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made an interesting passionate, and forceful unsubstantiated case that Syria has used chemical weapons against its civilian population.

Making a forceful case to answer a “crime against conscience,” Secretary of State John Kerry declared Friday that the United States had a moral obligation to punish Syria for using chemical weapons — painting a ghastly portrait of twitching bodies, victims foaming at the mouth and row upon row of children gassed to death.
He was very convincing in his words and body language. Personally, I like the guy so I am rooting for him to stand up and give us the evidence.

Of course, he did not. He just gave us the same “we know” story and that we should believe them.

This reminds me of the “We killed Osama Bin Laden” speech by U.S. President Obama. He showed up and told us that OBL is Dead and that he killed him.

Obama provided no pictures, no body, no DNA, and no independent confirmation. He even told us that “out of respect for Islam” the U.S. threw the body into the ocean; a poorly written script indeed probably written by an out-of-work comedy central writer.  Pathetic!

Kerry was a bit better today. No Colin Powell cartoons or fake vials. It was a good theatre today!  They learned well! He gets an “A” for acting.

But the facts remain that we have NO EVIDENCE. All we have from him is the word of U.S. President Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Kerry.

And while I like these celebrities, sadly, the U.S. has ZERO credibility and so, like former U.S. President Ronald Regan once told the Soviet Union and I paraphrase, “we trust you but verified”. In other words, we don’t trust you at all because you are part of a cabal run by confirmed con men and so we need truly independent evidence before we can join you in pursuit of this alleged maniac in Syria. In short, we have our reservations about your “word”. It’s not so good!

Moreover, what Kerry said in the latter part of his speech was really telling…in that the U.N. would report will NOT tell us who did the chemical attack….only that it happened.

Really? So they don’t know? Only you know! Okay, Kerry! And Iraq has WMDs right? Come on bro! I love the speech and it was clearly written to give you a green light to attack on behalf of the cabal you represent but really the bull shit we have to hear from you guys is really annoying. Everyone knows it’s hyperbole. No one believes you anyway!

Why don’t you just drop the Machiavellian Las Vegas con act and tell us like it is….that the NWO wants Syria and Iran into the system? We all know you guys have corrupted money and power junkies for your cause…so you won’t shock us. In fact, I think most Americans actually support the NWO bankster system. Hell, even if they don’t they won’t rebel anyway. They will just keep going into debt and buy more consumer shit that they don’t need and you can continue to tweak their noses at will without a real repercussion unless you call that little thing called Occupy Wall Street a threat to you….and you know you don’t so give it up bro!

Really you don’t need to pretend like you give a shit. There is nothing we can really do about it anyway. You got us by the NSA balls already! But hey, if it amuses you to keep up the charade, rock on brother! You’s got the guns and we got Miley Cyrus to keep us amused.

America! Fuck Yeah!