Term Limits: Cry for Real Public Service


Call for Term Limits for Politicians Ignored by Career Politicians Posing as Public Servants

by Johnny Punish

Almost everyone hates and distrusts Congress.  We all know they are purchased and thus do not heed the interests of the people.  They get our votes and then go about working the next 4 to 6 years answering to their money backers.  It’s institutional corruption at its highest forcing career politicians on us when what we really need is true public servants.

Yet we, the people, have to endure this ridiculous open secret in that we know it is inherently corrupt but go about pretending it all works when it does not work at all; unless you’re a corporate high-end executive. Instead of true public servants, we get career politicians that aim to get entrenched in jobs for their security and power.  And worse, we applaud when a congressman lasts over 20 years and call him/her an elder statesman.  In short, we glorify them.

The list is so long that if I tried to list all the career politicians here it might break the internet.

Instead, let’s out a few just for fun. Hey…

  • Anthony Weiner, are you really trying to get back into the job even after you were disgraced by a smartphone?
  • Former Governor Mark Sanford, are you serious about getting your job back as Governor after you left in disgrace?
  • Senator Mitch McConnell, you’ve been there so long your voice is a decibel below an elephant cough.
  • Please no Jeb Bush vs. Hilliary Clinton in a fake open election in 2016.   No entrenched family dynasties, please!

This country can only reach its democratic potential when we limit its representatives and senators to just one term in the public interest.  This will ensure that once in office, they will NOT be beholden to the corporatocracy and their assigns that have infected the public trust.

Instead, by being a true public servant with only 1 term to serve they can focus on the job at hand and make good decisions on behalf of the people.

In short, its’ time for term limits

  • Congressman:  4 years
  • Senators:     6 years
  • Term Limits:  1 term only

That’s it!  No career public servants.  No more Schumers, Cantors, Rangel’s or McCains.  Go home!

NO Re-election campaigns and no more voting for lobby interests.

No more making this esteemed public service a lifetime career.