Israel and Palestine: Obama Bumper Car Diplomacy vs. Old Bibi Crusty Hate and War


by Johnny Punish

Jerusalem – Today, U.S. President Obama made a big bold speech to Israeli students in Jerusalem channeling the late great Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi. In that speech, he called for Israelis to provide justice to Palestinians and to negotiate a final Palestinian state with borders so that Israel can remain a democratic Jewish state.

His speech was marred by the expected extremist heckler in which he quickly, like any good Comedy Club stage act, countered with a quick dismissive quip. All good. The crowd was generally positive about hope for peace in a land where it’s been elusive since the Euros invaded.

What really resonated with me was not only his call for building trust and working with their neighbors but his call for shared prosperity and his humanizing of the Palestinian people which has not been a cornerstone of American policy and media.

As most of you know, Palestine is the # 5 most hated “country”in the world among the American people proving that their media has had a devastating effect on public empathy towards the indigenous peoples in Palestine. So frankly, it’s very surprising that this U.S. President is speaking about Palestinians as humans and not terrorists. Its’ a sea change in a very big and good way.

But will the U.S. Congress and their extremist handlers at AIPAC follow this Gandhi-Esque lead?

There are no signs that our purchased politicians will rush to the side of our U.S. President. In fact, we’ve already had the U.S. Congress given a standing ovation to one of the main proponents of settlement expansion, namely their de-facto U.S. President, Benjamin Netanyahu while virtually heckling the elected U.S. President Obama. So it’s very hard to imagine that these anti-Americans posing as a U.S. Congress can side with anything remotely related to peace in the Middle East.

In fact, they don’t listen at all to the will of the people.

We see this evidence all the time…..for example, yesterday the assault weapons ban in the US got shot down by the NRA.

Sen. Reid waved the white flag even though an overwhelming percentage of the American people want military-grade weapon bans and criminal background checks. It’s simple, the U.S. Congress only listens to its pimps. You pay them off they go with you.  You protest and they ignore you.

So why does anyone think that Obama can effect a positive peace in the middle east? Noble? Yes! Practical?

With the warmongers pushing us into Syria and Iran while they push Palestinians into less and less land forcing them to run, how the heck is Obama going to politically and practically win this battle?

Well, the secret may lie in the prosperity portion of his speech.

You see, the reality on the ground is that Palestinians are in dire straits. They have super high unemployment and no opportunity. If the young people of Israel can buy in and reject their old crusties who keep the pedal on the metal for war and hate, well, eventually, they may win the day.

Who knows, maybe they can build bumper car stations on every corner in Israel and Palestine so that when some weirdo gets a hair up his extremist ass and wants to call for the death of the other guy, he can simply get a free ticket to enter the ride and start crashing into the other cars until he gets its all out of his system. The cars can have really cool NASCAR-type logos with freaky hate speech or some graphics depicting Jews, Christians, and Muslims killing each other;  you know like a live video game. But once finished he can get out, return to society, get on his smartphone, and go to the mall like all the rest of us human beings in peace contributing to the system like a good global citizen. Good idea right?

Anyway, for now, we are still stuck with the old crusties like Benjamin Netanyahu who has a stranglehold on the holy land children while they rape and pillage the resources for their own personal gains and whatever agendas.

But finally, unless Obama is completely bullshitting everyone, I think Obama joined our side; human beings. But can he stick with it and stay the course under the massive pressure from the corridors of evil power?

Time will tell.