7 Billion People Makes Family Planning a Necessity


Self-Regulate or Face a Future of War, Disease, and Massive Death of Our Species

by Johnny Punish

Congratulations World! Today, we welcomed our 7th billion people. Wow! Imagine that!

When I was born in the early 1960s, we had just over 2.5 billion. Holy cow..that’s huge growth.

Now the good news is that, over the last 12 years, we’ve added 1 billion to our population and 4 billion since 1960 without major catastrophe. While not perfect, the world has effectively met the challenge.

However, within 40 years, experts say we will hit 10 billion and this overpopulation won’t be met with the same success. The reason is resources. There is just not enough fresh water, energy, and food to go around to manage this kind of pressure.

Something must be done now or we, as a global community, face dire straits.

Now, in China over the past decades, they’ve tried a one-child policy to deal with their national pressures and for them, it somewhat works.

The one-child policy did, of course, reduce fertility, but this is a coercive measure that should not be followed in any other country. The right approach is to provide voluntary family planning programs. The reason for that is that there are large numbers of unplanned pregnancies in the developing world. In fact, the number is estimated at seventy-five million each year. So there are large numbers of women who want to use contraception and need access and information. That’s the purpose of voluntary family planning programs.

Here in the USA, we expect over 400 million in population in the next 20 years. That’s a 25% increase over the current 300 million. Do you think we have issues now? Just wait!

Right now, the U.S. Christian right political forces are working to destabilize our economy and population by taking away volunteer family planning measures such as Planned Parenthood. They cite their Christian belief system as the reason for such tribal irresponsibility. But it’s this precise attitude and default to the dogma that puts our tribe in peril.

While the U.S. needs to always stand for religious freedom to believe as one wishes, public policy should adopt a common cents approach for the whole tribe and not get caught up in trying to appease one sect or another; especially if the sect advocates our own demise in favor some otherworldly salvation to be cashed in some other dimension.

No way Jose!  We live right here right now and this is our collective reality. Thus without a reformation of the Christian right and its values, for us to collectively survive well, their dogma would need to be politically marginalized for the sake of the tribe.

The simple fact remains that we, as a collective tribe, cannot endure such overpopulation pressures. The consequences of irresponsible population growth will have massive repercussions that no president or religion can control.  It will be devastating!

Without responsible family planning, we should expect food shortages causing mass market starvation. We should expect energy shortages to cause untold problems. Water shortages will be a commonplace event causing death and disease everywhere!  This is NOT hyperbole or dogma!  This is mathematics and common cents!

Right now, in the USA and the world, we don’t have a collective goal for the population because population growth comes out of underlying processes like fertility, mortality, and migration. We want people to live longer and healthier, and that’s why we invest in reproductive health. And we want fertility to be at a level that women want. We want to educate girls so that they have better lives ahead, and because of health-positive and demographic benefits.

Now there is a group out there that has a clandestine plan for reducing the global population from 10 billion down to 1 billion.  This group is known as The Bilderberg Group.

These global folks known as “Bilderbergers” have a big game plan to bring in a New World Order where one government rules over its approved species.

Ya see they don’t have faith that we can self-regulate and so they will introduce war, disease, and pain to the world over the next century. Their goal is to get it down to what they believe is the right equilibrium between their human species and nature; where their brand of humans can live super long lives with technology and nature in balance. But that’s another story…. and so, maybe before we get to a point of no return, we can together work for success and employ self-regulation of our populations before these neo-humans take over!