Israeli Government Sponsored Virus Threatens U.S. Global Leadership in Middle East


Virus Threatens Global Balance of Power

Government Sponsored Psychosis Must Be Stopped!  GITMO Isolation Tank Plan Needed!

by Johnny Punish

Government Sponsored Psychosis (GSP) is an old virus that has returned with a vengeance within a new multi-layered and dangerous strain. And this time it’s threatening the US and its global standing in the world. It must be stopped!

The GSP virus appears when government officials perpetuate the myth to a segment of a population that they have “historical rights” to land where indigenous peoples live and enable them to realize their psychosis with the use of lethal arms and violence. This is happening right now and our taxpayer dollars are funding it! It’s scary and it’s an outrage.

We’ve seen the GSP virus deployed during the historical colonization of America by European peoples and many other times throughout world history. Typically, these governments led by power-hungry manifest destiny psychopathic predators have gotten away with their abuse and theft precisely because “might is right” and justice was never a thought. Moreover, there was no one to shine a light on their crime against humanity.

In 2011, what has changed in the dynamic of the GSP virus is that the “might-is-right” gambit is countered by the information age reality where we have real-time exposure of the abuses, killings, and occupations where normal human beings who function with normal brains can actually view the psychosis and see it as it vomits all over itself.

PSYCHOSIS: a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality.

Today, in the case of Israel, we have the 20th-century government empowering susceptible foreign so-called Israeli settlers from places like the USA, Russia, and Europe to take over by force the lands where peoples have lived for centuries. These “settlers” acquire the GSP virus usually from outlet distribution centers with fancy names i.e.. AIPAC and the ADL.

These outlets do their dirty work in the communities where susceptible and vulnerable peoples reside. For example, in New York City, where they’ve identified up to 1 million persons of interest as their main target market.

The evidence comes directly from settlers on the West Bank of Palestine. In fact, it’s very common to watch settlers discuss their psychosis in interviews in thick “New Yorker” accents saying ridiculous silly stuff i.e… “this was our land 5000 years ago” as if they were born, raised, and lived when Egyptian Pharaohs ruled and King David was murdering his detractors in the name of god. Their comments are usually followed up with “Where’s my cough-ee and what time is Seinfeld on?”

Does anyone in the normal community think it’s okay to walk up to your neighbor and say “Hey jerk off, get the hell out of my friggin’ house now or I will kill you! You see this land was given to me by God 5000 years ago. He promised it to me. Now get out!”? Come on! This is straight crazy talk! If you don’t agree with me on this guess what? You have GSP!

Now normally when people have a virus such as GSP, it’s up to us, the normal people to find ways to treat them. But our US Government seems not to recognize that there is a dangerous floating virus circulating. I don’t see any action being taken to stop the spread of this horrific and scary strain.

Alert! It’s a contagion and it needs to be put back in the bottle and stored at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) away from the population. Alert!

After all, the GSP virus is NOT in the best interest of the USA. Its spread with our billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer support makes us a deliverer of the virus and not good global citizen who seeks to cure and end the spread of the virus.

Now most of us in the normal community has called on world leaders to stand up to the modern-day conquistadors in Israel and the occupied government of the USA. However, I think we need a new approach. That’s right! A complete paradigm shift on how we treat those with GSP.

Once a Normal Young Polite and Respectful Boy, Israeli Settler with GSP Virus Kicks Lady in Rear as His Infected Mother Pulls at the Indigenous Lady

You see the virus must be contained. Therefore I am calling on the CDC and the amazing Hazmat teams to launch a special ops mission and drop in over the West Bank and Gaza.

We need to identify and capture all that host the GSP virus. It will be easy to tell who they are because they are usually wearing New York Yankee caps and carrying the New Times under their arm.

We need to send them to Gitmo where our special isolation tanks can hold them indefinitely until we find a cure.

It’s not a perfect solution but it will buy time so we can find a cure and get these, otherwise outstanding people, back to their homes in Manhattan and Brooklyn before it’s too late!

On the geopolitical stage, the US remains a fragile yet still important player. However, by not backing a Palestinian state and standing up for the rights of men, the US with it’s only ally Israel places itself as a pariah state; alone in the corner of the global influence room. This position bodes poorly for the 21st-century USA that seeks to be a player on the world stage.

In fact, this one veto action exposes the USA and puts it on a direct path to diplomatic and national failure. It’s already bad enough that, at home, the US citizen must deal with theivery of its national wealth by banksters but now, in a little place called the West Bank, must it meet its Waterloo? The USA must do better than that!

In closing, those that knowingly spread the GSP virus must be arrested and charged with a crime against humanity. There is just no other way to deal with these Dr. Evils.

We can start with Benjamin Netanyahu and his assigns. How’s bout the ADLs, Abe Foxman? We need to X-RAY him and put him under the humanity microscope because he may be both an empowering figure in the aim to spread the GSP virus and also be a host; a double dipper! We need to get him over to GITMO right away. It’s the right thing to do!