IDF Security Embarassed in Video


American Taxpayer Money Pays to Abuse Women

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

There is nothing to say except the American Taxpayers funds this abuse and pays for it with our billions sent to Israel every year.   Did we not learn from what we did to the Native American Indians?  These people they are beating up are indigenous peoples, not some illegal immigrants that came from lands in Europe or elsewhere.  Geez us!

It’s truly an embarrassment at best and, at worst, it speaks to our deepest complicity in the horrible Trail of Tears that continues at this moment while our mainstream media keeps feeding US citizens the line sent to it by those in the corridors of power.

  • How do we get on the wrong side of morality?
  • What can we do to stop our hard-earned dollars from being used to pay for oppression and abuse?
  • Are we hopelessly condemned to pay and watch our moral compass be washed away without a word?


Please comment on this, pass it around and share…’s our only hope.  We must spread the word that we need to be on the right side of justice.