Birthers Fail Test for Validity


by Johnny Punish

Yesterday, President Obama released his long-form birth certificate.

According to MSNBC, it was the President himself who made the decision to release it.  MSNBC says “It’s important to note that the decision to release the long-form birth certificate didn’t come from his staff or advisers. Per our reporting, Obama himself made the decision; it was personal to him.”

And still, according to an MSNBC poll, 37% of registered Republicans believe the birth certificate is still a hoax.  Worse, many of the birthers are now taking a page from Un-Candidate Donald Trump is now saying that his school work is a hoax and that his entry into Harvard is suspicious.

Now, we all know that Donald Trump is no dummy.  He himself is highly educated and knows how to the play the game.  And he’s playing it to the hilt with his exploitation of the vulnerable as he trial ballons his candidacy in the marketplace.

And in that birther crowd, he will most definitely win the hearts and minds as it’s very clear that no matter what Barack Obama does, proves, or does NOT prove, NOTHING will work with this crowd because the gambits they buy into and accept are all unconscience Red Herrings designed to reinforce their deepest real feelings that President Obama is not part of their tribe.   It’s really that simple!

Now Trump knows exactly what is a Red Herring.  Heck, he practically invented the gambit.

Red herring is an idiomatic expression referring to the rhetorical or literary tactic of diverting attention away from an item of significance.  For example, in mystery fiction, where the identity of a criminal is being sought, an innocent party may be purposefully cast in a guilty light by the author through the employment of false emphasis, deceptive clues, ‘loaded’ words or other descriptive tricks of the trade. The reader’s suspicions are thus misdirected, allowing the true culprit to go (temporarily at least) undetected. A false protagonist is another example of a red herring.

As a highly skilled negotiator, Trump is a master expert at the game and his Art of the Deal making is exceptional and well noted. So playing the “I am not sure if he’s a citizen” gambit won’t work with the intelligencia.  But to the birther crowd, it will always work because the underlying real issue is that Barack Obama is not part of their tribe and they will accept anything that re-inforces this deep-seated reality.

Now some call this racism and yes, in a true sense, that’s exactly what it is.  But more introspectively, all peoples, in general, prefer to be led by a member of their tribe.  And so it’s NOT so unreasonable that these people are reacting as such manifesting and investing themselves wholeheartedly into “Obama was not born here’ or “he’s too stupid to get into Harvard” or whatever they say to disqualify or discredit the President of the United States.  They are merely reacting to a normal aspiration to be led by someone that they can know, understand, and identify with…. so take it easy on their folks and give them a bit of slack.  They are really hurting!

But the real problem for this “birther” crowd is that the 20th century is over and that is extremely hard to accept.

Consider how far they are willing to go to validate their fears.  Let’s take stock…..

  • Trump, has been married 450 times or something like that.  Not exactly a poster child for the alleged conservative family values
  • Obama has been married to 1 woman and has NO Clinton-esque accusations for philandering.   If this guy wasn’t “weird” looking (code for black), he would be the face of the Conservative Family Values Movement (his position on abortion notwithstanding)

Look, as we all know, the 21st-century America is no longer what it once was back in the nostalgic past.  America today is mixed, just like President Obama.  He’s not black.  He’s not white!  He’s an American just like me and the rest of us living here in 2011.

As for that loud birther crowd?  Take a 2nd look at them.  They are mostly white older folks living in America’s past.  Don’t pay much more attention to them as they are quickly going the way of the Do-Do Bird.   It’s over and they are done.  So let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later because I would hate to see their reaction when we elect President Juan Manuel Lopez Garcia in 2016!   Ay Carumba!

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