Corruption and 9/11 Truth

Can Principle-Centered Leadership Help USA Find Its Way Back Home?


Truth & Justice with Principle-Centered Leadership are the Answers to our Questions

Yesterday, I wrote about the USA and its rise on the corruption list of nations called “USA Joins the Corruption League” as reported by Transparency International

In my article, I satirically poked fun at those responsible for the lowering of our country’s standing in the world. I suppose it hurts so much to think how low we’ve sunk that maybe I felt the best way to express it and get the message out was to use a bit of comedy.

Anyway, what I did NOT raise in my article is the very serious issue of where we’ve come off the tracks.

Granted there are many places to point towards ie.. fraud on Wall Street, lack of civility, 9/11 Truth, oil barons, and politicians purchased by corporations appointed by the Supreme Court and so finding a starting place may be a bit much. But what I do know is that millions of people care deeply about the success of the USA and want a return back to Principle-Centered leadership so that we can regain our footing and competitive edge.

9/11 Truth MattersIn reading Gordon Duff’s piece on Press Censorship and 9/11 Alert, I came across a major paradigm-shifting group that embodies that new spirit of accountability and integrity.

This group is called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). AE911Truth is dedicated to the victims, families and all others throughout the world affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath. They are a non-partisan association of architects, engineers, and affiliates.

Their mission is to research, compile, and disseminate scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, calling for a truly open and independent investigation and supporting others in the pursuit of justice.

They call upon Congress for a truly independent investigation with subpoena power.  They believe that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the World Trade Center buildings #1 (North Tower), #2 (South Tower), and #7 (the 47-story high-rise across Vesey St.) were destroyed not by jet impact and fires but by controlled demolition with explosives.

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AE911Truth believes that their website, DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth”, and the other referenced material, contain the information necessary to demonstrate to all with an open mind that this is the case, and that such an investigation is warranted and overdue. They believe that the available evidence invalidates the government’s official conspiracy theory.

All architects, engineers, and others with competence as writers and speakers, whether they choose to sign their petition or not, are encouraged to take an active role by reporting the results of their research on 9/11 by means of lectures, articles, and other modes of responsible public education.

Founding Member and CEO Richard Gage, AIA, is a San Francisco Bay Area architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.  He has been a practicing architect for over 20 years and has worked on most types of building construction, including numerous fire-proofed steel-framed buildings. Most recently he worked on the construction documents for a $400M mixed-use urban project with 1.2 million square feet of retail, parking structure, and 320,000 square feet of mid-rise office space—altogether about with 1,200 tons of steel framing.

Mr. Gage became interested in researching the destruction of the WTC high-rises after hearing the startling conclusions of a reluctant 9/11 researcher, David Ray Griffin, on the radio in 2006, which launched his own unyielding quest for the truth about 9/11.

What is “BuildingWhat?”

A Worldwide Campaign to raise awareness of Building 7

More than eight years after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, New York Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Lehner was hearing arguments in a courtroom less than a mile from Ground Zero about a ballot initiative to launch a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks. When the lawyer for the plaintiffs sponsoring the initiative explained that the 9/11 Commission report left many unanswered questions, including “Why did Building 7 come down,” the Judge replied quizzically, “Building what?”

Like Judge Lehner, millions of people do not know or remember only vaguely that a third tower called World Trade Center Building 7 also collapsed on September 11, 2001. In any other situation, the complete, free-fall collapse of a 47-story skyscraper would be played over and over on the news. It would be discussed for years to come and building design codes would be completely rewritten. So, why does no one know about Building 7? And why did Building 7 come down?

The answers to these questions have far-reaching implications for our society. The goal of the “BuildingWhat?” campaign is to raise awareness of Building 7 so that together we can begin to address these questions.

* For more info, visit BuildingWhat?

AE911Truth TV Commercial for 9/11 Truth

1346 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 10117 other supporters, including AE students, have signed the petition demanding a truly independent investigation of Congress. The petition is open to everyone.

Watch Building 7 Collapse

In my view, part of the process of ending corruption starts with being honest with ourselves. Pretending we are fine will NOT make it so. Our country is now on the list of corrupt countries because we’ve allowed it to be so and thus have earned it.

Our generation of leaders has let us down in favor of power without responsibility or accountability. This has been a long time coming and the decline started before 9/11. It’s just that 9/11 was a tipping point. A place where we can all see it up front and close. Iraq and Afghanistan wars, millions dead, our kids dying looking for a 6’5″ terror ghost in a cave, wall street criminals going free, GITMO remaining open, no torture prosecutions, bailouts for the richest in the world, and now a Supreme Court that has given carte blanche to any corporation to buy off our politicians by donating to their campaign in an unlimited and undisclosed manner.   My gosh, what a travesty!  Worse, the ability of foreign corporations to “invest” is not entirely clear and thus raises a huge red flag.  All of this adds up to no good and describes a very sick country that has lost its moral way.

To return to glory, it must start from us; you and me.

We must rid ourselves of the pretense of leadership and stop pretending we’re number one. This is NOT a demotion, we’ve already been demoted. Everyone knows it. It’s time we look in the mirror and recognize that we’ve lost our collective integrity and we’re unable to win friends and influence people until we get our own house in order.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei

We can start with the 9/11 Truth but we must go further.

As it stands, those self-proclaimed leaders in Washington are morally bankrupt. There is no path for them to follow because they’ve already sold out to the high bidder. Many are good people but can’t survive in that pressure cooker without corrupting themselves. So for all intents and purposes, they are cooked. They must go and we must demand a spiritual change in this country, a paradigm shift, and a return to Principle-Centered leadership.

As Dr. Steven Covey noted success author of Principle-Centered Leadership says “Principle-centered leaders are men and women of character who work on the basis of natural principles and build those principles into the center of their lives, into the center of their relationships with others, into the center of their agreements and contracts, into their management processes, and into their mission statements.”

I believe in what Dr. Covey conveys and in this light, I believe we truly need a return to a national commitment to leadership with real integrity. With groups like AE911Truth and more like these, I believe we are well on our way back home!

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