Mike Vick, George W. Bush, Torture and Our Priorities


 Torturing Dogs and Humans

  • Michael Vick was indicted and found guilty for torture
  • George W. Bush has never been indicted and never found guilty for torture

by Johnny Punish

Yesterday, the backup Quarterback for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles lit up the TV screens with patented amazing runs and passes igniting a massive call for him to be the starting Quarterback over the hand-picked and highly touted Kevin Kolb who, in 2 quarters of play, threw for a pedestrian and pathetic 25 yards.

Worse, with Kolb on the field, the team looked lethargic. Upon Mike Vick’s entering after the first half, the Eagles looked faster, happier, motivated, and generally believed they could win. Down by 20 or so, they came back and almost beat the highly favored Super Bowl contenders, the Green Bay Packers.

Vick said after the game “I felt like if I had 4 quarters to play we could have beat them”. To this writer, this was very true. It was very clear that the best Quarterback on that team is Vick yet after the game Coach Andy Reid said “Kolb is our starter” as if to reinforce his decision to go with the inexperienced Kolb over 3 time pro-bowler Vick who is in the top 3 rushing QB’s of all time just behind Randall Cunningham and Steve Young. I mean if this was Steve Young who came in and took over the game like that would Coach Andy Reid be saying the same thing?

Worse, many of my friends who witnessed this clear difference between an average player and a superstar could NOT admit that Vick was superior and the difference-maker in that game.

So I started asking why and it became painfully clear that after Vick served time in prison for what society decided was ample punishment for enabling the torture of dogs at venues supported by Vick’s money, many won’t let it go and think that he does NOT belong on the field of play. It may be overt or sub-conscience but his crime against society truly bothers many and thus getting past it to judge “Vick the player” is cloudy, murky, and unreachable.

Of course, with Coach Andy Reid and those who have this sub-conscience bias, that’s their prerogative and so we work through it.

But in this writer’s view, when someone pays their debt to society, it’s over with and that’s it. But some just do NOT agree and thus it clouds their mind when making a reasonable judgment on who’s the better player. Thus, they justify it by saying that Vick is not a pocket passer or Vick is this or that. And then, when presented with facts like Vick ran for over 100 yards and threw for 175 yards in 2 quarters of play while Kolb ran for zero and threw for 25 yards, they dismiss it using whatever they can to reinforce their point of view.

So What does Mike Vick have to do with George W. Bush?

Well, George W. Bush admitted to torturing human beings while Mike Vick admitted to torturing dogs. Vick was indicted, found guilty, and paid his debt. George W. Bush has never been indicted, never found guilty, and has never paid his debt.

  • What does this say about us?
  • Do we value dogs more than people?
  • Why is Vick the bad guy that cannot be forgiven while Geoge W. Bush gets a Presidential Library?
  • Hey Obama, why hasn’t George W. Bush been indicted?

Please don’t tell me that Vick is worse than the man who brought us waterboarding! To this writer, Vick should be the starting QB for the Eagles based on merit. His debt has been paid. And for George W. Bush? Well, somebody take the handcuffs off President Barack Obama and put them on Dubbya!

We need to get our priorities straight. We’re all human beings!

2010 Copyright – Johnny Punish