New 9/11 Analysis in 3D Suggests Top Secret Device Hit World Trade Center


New Analysis Shows that Plane Footage was Doctored Up to Hide Clandestine Remote Controlled Anti-Gravity Ball Hitting the World Trade Center Building 2

Yesterday Richard D. Hall posted his new 3-D video analysis of 9/11 showing that a top secret anti-gravity vehicle that hit World Trade Center Building 2.

Almost 10 years on, with no clear explanation why Building 7 collapsed after not being hit by anything but underground media scrutiny, we all seem to feel that something does NOT fit. 9/11 just does NOT pass the smell test. In fact it stinks.

Almost 10 years, we are still engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Neo-Con wars of the first decade are still with us crawling their way into history books.

But we have so many questions ie…

  1. Why did the Global Elite Force play this out?
  2. Did they reach their objectives?
  3. Who benefited? Who suffered?
  4. Was this the only way to reach their nirvana?
  5. Could there have been another way to reach their objectives?
  6. What can, we the people, learn from this?
  7. Do we really have any control, choice, or input or are we just pawns in the Global Elite Force Risk game?

Oh heck, watch this video and comment below on it… – 9/11 New 3D Analysis Video