Adam Lambert to Mentor Idols a show of Respect for Show’s Greatest Contestant


This coming week, Adam Lambert will be the mentor for the 9 American Idol Finalists.

Last year, voters across the country chose Kris Allen as the American Idol is what would later be known as the biggest travesty in the history of the show.   While Kris Allen is a talented young man who has a nice niche going for him, Adam Lambert was a beast shining as he played up to Queen and Kiss like no other could.  Week in and week out, Lambert stepped it up perfectly hitting notes that no one could do and doing so with a rock star flare that was effortless; a unique trait among the truly charismatic talent that rises to the top.

So with Kris Allen winning after what seems to be a rigged vote coming from Oklahoma who came to play for their home town boy and what some also say was an anti-gay vote, Adam Lambert and America were left going “huh?”

So while Kris Allen, a super nice guy with a nice career sells cars for Ford, Adam charges hard going international as expected doing massive videos for the movie 2012 and going on a bad ass world tour shining all the way to the top.

Well, Idol leaders have justly rewarding this charismatic force with the responsibility to mentor the new idols.  They trust him and know he has the gift to give while the rest of last years group, while the best Idol has ever offered, could NOT do this task.  They are just not polished enough.

For me, I will be excited to see what he can do with Shioban as she is the female Adam.  He really can turn her into a force.   For the others, I think Adam has the experience to figure out how to best help the rest come out of their shells a bit more and challenge them forward although I am a bit afraid for Tim.  Adam will blow him away with personality and Tim may fold up his tent because Adam may be too much for him.

I hope he can truly help Aaron Kelley.  This kid has the voice but not the precense.  He really needs Adam to show him how.   And based on tonites reaction by Katie Stevens, I think she’s in love with Adam so it could get a bit hero worshippy!

Oh and saving Michael tonite was perfect.  No way is Tim, Andrew Garcia or even Aaron better than Big Mike!  No way!  Mike will have a wonderful career in the R & B world chasing the Luther Vandross path.  He’s got it.

Bring it on Adam!  Can’t wait till next week!