Is Palestine Dead? The Slow Methodical Ethnic Cleansing Continues!



Today, Israel, again sealed off the West Bank amid rising tensions after U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden condemned Israel for announcing more settlements on Palestinian land in Jerusalem putting in play this current round in the battle for the Holy Land conquest.

Yes, here we go again with another chapter in the over 100 years of conquest and war put forward by the Euro-Zionist visionaries.  So get ready for more imprisonments laced with blood and the dying strewn in the ugly un-holy streets as this march towards the extinction of the indigenous peoples continues.

Look, like the American Indian, I am afraid that Palestine and its cultural identity are on its final leg to extinction unless something dramatic arises; like a massive invasion of Israel or a policy about-face here in the foggy bottom of the beltway.

While most all recent U.S. Presidents have been quietly empathetic towards the plight of the indigenous peoples of the Holy Land, publically they have had to stand up and pay homage to the European invaders for fear of losing support in the U.S. Congress where the majority are forced to support the Zionist agenda.

Given the overwhelmingly and substantial Zionist money flow lining the pockets of most in the U.S. Congress married with the massive threats of defeat in political elections waged on them, there can be no logical reason to believe the US. Congress will turn and support humanity and embrace justice for the occupied and displaced peoples of the region.

Furthermore, within Israel itself, I don’t think the Israeli governors will allow the internal demographic to continue forward unchallenged; meaning I don’t think they will allow the Israeli Non-Jews who have many more kids per couple than Israeli Jews to become a majority which is predicted within 25 years.

No no, they will never allow a democratic Israel to be run by an Israeli non-jew Prime Minister or a non-Jewish Knesset.  No way!  It’s democracy yes, but only for their people, not all the people.

So Israel must be asking itself how must they move forward with its game plan and keep Israel a growing zionist state against all the prevailing demographic changes coming along with that little problem of those millions of people living in squalor proverbial concentration camps behind fences that many zealous settlers say “don’t really exist”.

Should they exterminate Israeli non-Jews?  How about a nice massive deportation program for this non-people within Israel?

As for the occupied peoples, how’s about a slow methodical pushback step by step over time taking lands and pushing the indigenous peoples further back into the hinter desert lands of Jordan, south into the land of the pharaohs, and/ or north pushing towards Assyria?  A good plan?

The wild cards are the greater Arab states and the X-Factor, the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Will they take action and stand for humanity?

I say NO for it appears that the USA has got the greater Middle East by the self-interest balls and so I am not sure a 3rd Intifada uprising supported by Arab states will be in the future.

It’s more likely that self-interest will continue to be the name of the Arab game and they will continue to be part of the greater globalization agenda where standing for poor indigenous people simply has no value to them except some altruistic PR brownie points which basically means nothing!

As for Iran, do they really want war with Israel and the USA?  Or does Israel secretly want to engage in a war with Iran to light the evolutionary fire and let it fly?  Time will reveal the truth behind the rhetoric so stay tuned to your Tele for it could be a raw steak and lavish baked potato TV dinner night.  How’s about a Bloody Red Chilean Merlot with your TV war?  Much better than American Idol right?

For me, I wonder in 50 years, what will be the greater Holy Land area snapshot?    Will it be;

  • a  Jewish State of Israel for Jews only
  • a Democratic Israel run by a non-Jewish majority
  • the modern country of a democratic Palestine for all
  • an Islamic republic of Palestine

Although I hope for sanity, peace, and compromise, the Las Vegas odds don’t see peace on the horizon.  There are just too many extremists running around.

I mean the lack of cooperation and truly disparate cultures continue to clash just like the Native American Indians in the Americas knocked heads with their European invaders ending with the English culture dominating while Indians get to play blackjack and slot machines on some weird thing called a reservation.

For me, it’s just too many extreme views and ways of being that cannot be reconciled. Something has gotta give!

So yeah, I hope I am wrong for the sake of children in the holy land and for the sake of the beloved rich cultures that grace the lands there. but really, I am truly concerned that we have been and continue to be witnesses to a modern trail of tears.

And so goes evolution!

Your comments, views, and opinions are appreciated