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Kissinger Is Dead!  Finally!
US Israeli Empire is playing an antiquated 20th-century game in a 21st-century world
Unraveling the Challenges: 10 Factors Constraining Democracy in the Arab World
THE SIMPLE TRUTH is, it's time to admit the 20th Vision that is the Middle East has FAILED! Humanity needs a new vision that works for all.
Why is Ireland the Most Pro-Palestine EU State?
Why Is US Turning To The Dark Side?
Genocide 101: How US/Israeli Axis of Evil Funds Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine
A full update of the US/Israel horrific massacre operations in Gaza
Yesterday on CNN, Anderson Cooper interviewed an American Nurse who just came out of Gaza after 26 days of US/Israeli bombing and murder.  
Arab Israeli Singer Arrested for standing up to Thugs, Murderers and Criminals.
Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah addressed his millions of followers in Lebanon and around the world in a speech best described as moderately measured speech falling short of calling for war
I stand with AOC!  She is now the toughest person to sit in the US Congress in my lifetime. She just put her life on the line. AIPAC is dangerous. She needs PROTECTION.
Surprise, the Main Stream News in the US is failing again.
US/Israeli Invasion of Gaza Sparks Massive Debates Around World and VT Radio engages.
From Starbucks to Coca-Cola, people have been boycotting American brands over Washington’s funding and support for Israel and Occupation in the ongoing ethnic cleansing operation against Palestinians.
VT's Lucas Leiroz presents the Worlds reaction to the US/Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Gaza
Learn All You Can About the Zionists and How They Created Their Settler State Erasing The Indigenous Peoples of Palestine
Dr. Alan Sabrosky joins VT Radio Host Johnny Punish and Assistant GM of VT Foreign Policy Chief Justin Time to discuss the US/Israeli Final Solution and their extermination of the Palestinians.
NYC Activist Cat McGuire joins VT Radio to discuss The ZOG
Mark Dankof joins VT Radio to discuss how Christian Zionism has metastasized and is now devouring the moral flesh of America turning the USA from Super Heroes to Funders of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

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