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USA/ISRAEL: Selling and Celebrating The Inhumanity of Colonization in God’s Name

October 23, 2023

The USA and Israel are both Settler States; built on the backs of the indigenous peoples using guns and media marketing machines

Look In The Mirror Everyone

by Johnny Punish

Last Night I watched the creation of a terrorist state celebrated in film.  It was called “Cattle Queen of Montana” (1947)  starring the great Hollywood classic star Ms. Barbara Stanwyck and the future real President of that terrorist state, actor Ronald Reagan.

I actually did a double feature and also watched the epic Go-West-To-The-Promised-Land movie “California” (1954) also with Stanwyck and another great Ray Milland.

My wife and I really enjoy classic Hollywood movies. But they also point out a history that, when we take a 2nd look, we see something that, sometimes, we don’t want to see; and that’s us in the mirror.

You see, the USA was created, like Israel, as a Settler State, on the backs of the indigenous peoples.  It used gun superiority and powerful media marketing machines. For example, Hollywood was and remains a big driver in selling narratives that really drive home the stories that support colonization.

Is that wrong?

Cowboys And Indians / Israelis and Palestinians

In early Hollywood, every “western” was a simple plot; Cowboy kills the Indian, and the crowd cheers as the cowboy goes west and takes all their land dismissing and labeling the Indians as “Savages” or “Redskins”.  In modern times, we love to label using the word “terrorist”.  It’s become a buzzword now.

So was the Native Indigenous American a Terrorist? Or was the English/Euro Settler a Terrorist?

The Searchers (1957)

At the end of the Civil War, Ethan Edwards returns home to Texas and discovers that his brother’s family has been murdered and kidnapped by American Indians. Edwards sets off into dangerous territory in search of his surviving relatives vowing to bring them home and avenge his family

Directed by John Ford, The Searchers is one of Wayne’s most iconic performances in any movie. Roger Ebert, wrote that Ethan Edwards was one of the most compelling characters Ford and Wayne had ever created together.

Geronimo was relentlessly hunted, even across the Mexican border. Finally, after the army seized female Apaches and deported them to Florida and deprived the warring tribesmen of a food supply, Geronimo was captured. His 1886 defeat marked the end of open resistance by Native Americans in the West.

Is Hamas Really A Terrorist Organization?

Or Are They The Last Apache Warriors To Resist Occupation?

Today, the USA remains “shocked” by the Hamas terror last week murdering over 1000 Israelis when they breached their USA/Israeli Gaza Prison Camp walls.

But why?

The USA/Israel axis powers have been shooting Palestinian Fish in Barrel since 1948 and now they complain when they get splashed?  Makes no cents!

And as always, like the bold hero in a John Wayne Cowboy movie, they exact revenge and massacre the natives as the crowd cheers. This is actually America folks!   And this is Israel too!  This is us!

Is that wrong?

To me Hamas is the last man standing….foolishly or not, they are resisting occupation at all costs.  They are the Geronimos of Palestine, the last of the great warriors holding on to resistance.

Might Is Right

In our violent world, smart people know “Might Is Right” and justice is an ideal but it rarely makes it through the mire that is war.

And now, The USA is Israel and Israel is the USA. They have all the guns. The natives have bows, arrows, and rocks.

Is that wrong?

So spare me the We Are the Victims” bullshit.

To quote famous Egyptian Comedian Bassam Yousef in an interview last week with Piers Morgan

“I have NEVER seen a VICTIM put their oppressor under siege bombing them 24/7. Israel wants you to believe they are the victims. Dealing with Israel is so difficult. It’s like being in a relationship with a narcissistic psychopath. He fucks you up and then makes you think it’s your fault.  You look at Israel as SUPERMAN. But they are really HOMELANDER. They are shooting fish in a barrel and they are annoyed with the splashes.”

Why can’t we just be honest with ourselves and tell the truth; we humans don’t care about people that we don’t identify with so getting rid of them in the name of “God” works for us.  We even make up stories like “God Gave Us This Promised Land” to justify our human greed.

The Homelander is an evil character and the main antagonist of the comic book series The Boys and the media franchise of the same name, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. He is the exact opposite of a Superman-type character that does good. He fakes good and does evil

Colonization:  Right or Wrong?

I make no judgments about colonization. It is NOT unique to the USA or Israel. It’s a human thing throughout history. However, I just point out the bullshit of selling a narrative that there are good guys and bad guys.

And listening to so many in the USA online and on their media twist themselves into pretzels is, at best, annoying, at worst, it’s brutally dangerous as they whip themselves into a fury.

Nevertheless, we humans pretend we are good. We are not. But in the year 2023, all of the activists herein aim to do is try to shed light on our bullshit as we expand our knowledge towards enlightenment whereby we can recognize one another as brothers and not enemies.  Too many of us try to divide by labeling when in fact, we now know that our DNA is human.  None of us are actually different at all.  In fact, we’re all human beings.

Yes, we still speak different languages and have different cultures.  But that’s changing too.  Globalization, while a buzzword for haters, is actually eliminating barriers to hate and fear.  It connects us and gives us a reason to pause when we aim to kill our fellow man using some bullshit narrative like “God Promised Us This Land” etc…

Can We Mitigate Our Human Drive for Colonization?

What About An EU-Styled Middle East Union?  Why Not?

We all know that OCCUPATION IS THE PROBLEM and Hamas is the lousy by-product.  We all know that when we resolve the Occupation there will be no Hamas. However, in today’s world, power has NO interest in peace for Middle Eastern people because they profit from the misery. They get to sell arms to kill when the Middle East is divided.

A peaceful unified Middle East Union would be against their interests. So instead, decent duped US Taxpayers will continue to be abused by their rulers funding hate, death, murder, and misery.

Sponsored by The Middle East Union created by Johnny Punish

Failure Deserves No Rewards

I demand all USA/ISRAELI/PALESTINIAN leaders resign immediately. Their crusty 20th-century vision of the Middle East has failed our children and their futures miserably! Enough of This!

In fact, I demand global leadership make a paradigm shift to a MIDDLE EAST UNION; One citizenship, passport, money..freedom for all its citizens to live, work, travel, and worship; Jew, Christian, Muslim, Pagan..all free! We know this works already because, after 500 years of killing each other in Europe, we now have the 500,000,000-strong EU. And we can have the same in the Middle East too… 400,000,000 million trading bloc of people… not prisoners!

That would be one step closer to an enlightened world that can elevate all of us over these weak boring dangerous and murderous colonization events that have plagued humanity since time immemorial.

Signed, An Ethnically Cleansed Indigenous Native American, ooops, I mean Palestinian.

Source: YouTube