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THE FINAL SOLUTION: Israeli Invasion of Gaza Imminent, Over 2 Million Occupied Human Beings May Be Wiped Out!

October 8, 2023

Over 2 Million Occupied Palestinian Lives are now at the mercy of Israel as their occupier cuts off all resources to Gaza including electricity, water, gas, and food.

In short, this is a massive starve-and-choke-them-to-death operation by Israel and the United States of America just before the Israeli Army Invades to further shackle whoever is left standing.  Does anyone care?

A beaten and broken population of over 2 million human beings living in the largest open-air concentration camp in the world, yesterday, took matters into their own hands and removed the ISRAELI wall from their northern border entering “Israel” on foot with sticks, stones, knives and any guns they can get their hands on.

In a very practical and inventive way, these “worthless” and “uncooperative” wards of Israel also used makeshift paraguilders built by hand with leftover parts and whatever else they could find to enter Israel.

Israel was taken by surprise! They did NOT expect any of this!  Or did they?

Rockets are fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip, on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023. The rockets were fired as Hamas announced a new operation against Israel. (AP Photo/Fatima Shbair)

Hammas, the locally elected government in Gaza, has said they are fed up and calling on all Muslims around the world to help free them from this 70-plus-year occupation and complete control by Israel.

It’s NOT yet entirely clear if Hammas has full allies already in place thus presenting a truly formidable threat to Israel and its primary backer, the United States of America.

What are the international reactions so far?

  • The Czech government has condemned Hamas for launching “terrorist attacks” on Prague’s traditional ally, Israel.
  • The European Union’s foreign chief, Josep Borrell, expressed solidarity with Israel.
  • The French foreign ministry said France condemned the “terrorist attacks underway against Israel and its population” and that France expressed its full solidarity with Israel.
  • The UK “unequivocally condemns” a surprise attack by Palestinian group Hamas on Israel on Saturday, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was “deeply shocked by the news of terrorist attacks in Israel.” and that India stands “in solidarity with Israel at this difficult hour.”
  • Egypt warned of “grave consequences” from an escalation in a statement from the foreign ministry carried by the state news agency on Saturday. It called for “exercising maximum restraint and avoiding exposing civilians to further danger”.
  • Lebanese group Hezbollah issued a statement on Saturday saying it was closely following the situation in Gaza and was in “direct contact with the leadership of the Palestinian resistance”.
  • An adviser to Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei said Iran supported the Palestinians’ attack, the semi-official ISNA news site reported.
The massacre in Gaza has already begun as Israel bombs buildings indiscriminately claiming the lives of occupied civilians

Clearly, the people of Gaza are fed up! But the question remains, does anyone care? Being fed up is one thing. But having a strategy to combat an army with nuclear weapons that is fully backed by the United States of America and its allies is another thing!

If Hammas is simply betting on a hodge podge of Muslims from around the world to come to their rescue without any formal nation-states backing them up in deals already made, then the probability that their fed-up turns into a mass murder of millions of their own people at the hands of the ruthless global predators who lead Israel and the United States of America will be the result.

Already in the West, the propaganda media machines are preparing their stupified publics to accept the “mowing of the lawn” again with nonsense claiming Israel has a right to oppress the indigenous peoples and so the removal of an elected government and the murder of its populace will be justified.

If this machine does its job right, there will be some reactions around the world and even some mercenary fighters who will join the occupied fed-up Palestinians. However, it’s more likely that people around the world including the Zombie Saudi Arabs, so-called caretakers of Islam, will choose their cell phones, Netflix, and video games instead of actually putting their necks on the line for anything related to human justice for people who just don’t fit into a 21st-century Zionist-controlled world.

In fact, in Israel, leaders will NOT publically say it, at least not yet, but this is the perfect excuse for them to do a final mowing of the lawn in Gaza, and if those in the West Bank don’t behave as their masters direct, then they are next!

So stay tuned for the upcoming massacre! It will be Televised Live on YouTube; although you may need to buy a subscription.

But don’t worry, The Google Controlled YouTube machine will offer special extra programming for subscribers only.  I suspect that means they will show the public massacres for their most bloodthirsty bored viewers; maybe some firing squads, hangings, and some special bombings up close and personal.  Enjoy!

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  1. Which these People in the Jewish made Concentration camps, can defend themselves with massive explosive, raining on Jews, else they are in a bad position and Jews are killing them just for Fun. Jew Biden is supporting with SATINT and the west with moral preaches and Money !

  2. The Health Ranger is peddling the racist and propaganda garbage that HAMAS STRIPPED AN ISRAELI WOMAN NAKED AND PARADED HER DEAD BODY CHANTING HOW ALLAH (NOT GOD?) IS GREAT while DELIBERATELY or STUPIDLY ignoring the fact that 2 million Native Palestinians face extermination in the World’s Greatest ever Concentration and Death Camp called THE GAZA STRIP just like in Hindutva 200 million NATIVE Muslims (Hinduised, Bollywoodised…) have been threatened of extermination by the racist Hindutva leadership and Friends of Apartheid Israel!
    Monday 9 October 2023

  3. its a “get even” by israhell for the supposed holocaust greatly expanded by them by Germany during the war…

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