Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three of the world’s major monotheistic religions, each with its own distinct beliefs, practices, and cultural expressions. Despite their differences, these religions share a number of core values, teachings, and historical connections that highlight their commonality.

Often, on VT, we engage and critic the politics of nations that engage in division, and politicians who profit off people and end up delivering nothing for we-the-people.

But today, in this article, VT explores the top 10 things that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have in common, showcasing the threads that unite these faiths and their traditions.  We hope that you will see that people are people so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully; that we are, in fact, all brothers, all human beings first and foremost!

So here you go… the TOP TEN…

  1. Monotheism: All three religions believe in the existence of a single, all-powerful, and all-knowing God. This shared belief in monotheism sets them apart from many other belief systems.
  2. Shared Ancestry: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all trace their origins back to Abraham, who is considered a patriarch and revered figure in each tradition. Abraham’s story is a point of convergence, symbolizing shared heritage.
  3. Ethical Values: Across these religions, there is a strong emphasis on ethical values such as compassion, justice, honesty, and treating others with kindness. These values guide believers’ actions and interactions with fellow human beings.
  4. Sacred Texts: Each faith tradition possesses a collection of sacred texts that are central to its teachings. For example, Jews revere the Torah, Christians hold the Bible (Old and New Testaments), and Muslims follow the Quran. These texts provide moral guidance and shape the religious lives of their followers.
  5. Prophetic Figures: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share a reverence for various prophets who are seen as messengers of God. Moses, for example, is highly regarded in all three traditions, as are figures like Abraham, Noah, and others.
  6. Prayer and Worship: Prayer and worship play a vital role in all three religions. While the specifics of rituals and practices may differ, the act of connecting with the divine through prayer is a common element that fosters a sense of devotion and spiritual growth.
  7. Charitable Giving: The importance of charity and helping those in need is a shared value among Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Acts of charity and giving to those less fortunate are encouraged as a way of fulfilling one’s religious duties and contributing to the well-being of society.
  8. Pilgrimage: Pilgrimage to sacred sites holds significance in these religions. Jews have Jerusalem, Christians have places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and Muslims have Mecca and Medina. Pilgrimage fosters a sense of unity and devotion within each community.
  9. Focus on Family: Family is highly valued in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The teachings emphasize the importance of strong family bonds, respect for parents, and nurturing a supportive and loving environment for children.
  10. Hope for the Future: All three faith traditions share a belief in an ultimate purpose for humanity and hope for a better future. Whether it’s the coming of the Messiah in Judaism, the return of Jesus in Christianity, or the Day of Judgment in Islam, believers hold onto the idea of a meaningful destiny.


While there are certainly differences between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it’s important to recognize the amazing common ground they share. These shared elements highlight the fundamental human values that these faith traditions uphold and the potential for interfaith understanding and cooperation.

Acknowledging these commonalities contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world, where people of different religious backgrounds can coexist and learn from one another.  We are all brothers!  We are human beings!  Now, if we can just get rid of all the predators that profit from dividing us, the world would be a perfect place.

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  1. Quran refers to Christians closest to Muslims. Muslims believe in the return of Jesus. Charity in Islam and Christianity is universal while in Judaism is limited to Jews. While Christianity and Islam believe in the universality of human beings in Judaism rest of Humanity is created to serve Jews, Usury ( made respectable under the new name ” interest ” ) is forbidden in both Christianity and Islam in Judaism only forbidden for Jews. If the rest of humanity does not serve the Jews are allowed to kill their men, women, and children. As we are witnessing it British occupied Palestine.

  2. Good read. The rich want to divide the majority — the poor of the world. They do it by playing up religious differences and dehumanizing people, saying they are inferior for what they believe in. United we stand divided we fall.

  3. Thanks…yeah, I think the politics of division is getting stale and boring! It says nothing about our collective daily lives and adds nothing of value. I personally reject it and encourage all who read to consider the same.

  4. What they do is divide and rule. I think of it as a kind of “religion”, and I like to call it schismism.

  5. ‘God/Creator gave us Reason not Religion.’ Wrote our Thomas Paine some 250 years ago, that IS the Eternal TRUTH! Mr. Paine provided most of the inspirations for our, ‘The Declaration of Independence’… “that all Men are created equal endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.” No Chosen People Bible Study=B.S.!

  6. Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism. Post-Christian Judaism is a false, anti-Christian, racially supremacist & pseudo-messianic religion, as E Michael Jones convincingly shows in his interviews & especially in his monumental book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit & Its impact on World History, also in http://holywar.org/txt/pinay/default.htm.

    Islam is man-made religion combining elements of Judaism, Nestorian Christian heresy, & Arab paganism. There is only one true religion revealed by God, fulfilled in Christ & the Church He founded, i.e. the traditional Catholic Church now independent of apostate Rome which has been under Judeo-Masonic power since the forced under threat exiling of a true pope in 1958: https:whitesmoke1958.com & https://novusordowatch.org/2016/10/smoke-signals-white-smoke-1958

    See also G.K. Chesterton, widely considered one of the deepest thinkers that ever existed & who writes in a unique & very engaging style, in his comparison of Christianity with other religions & philosophies in Part 2 of this highly acclaimed book.
    https://archive.org/details/gkc-the-everlasting-man-selections (also on Amazon). His acclaimed book, Orthodoxy is also a must read.

    The great Oxford scholar John Henry Newman gives a profound & eloquent account of why it is reasonable & fitting that God would leave an infallible religious & moral authority in the world.
    https://www.newmanreader.org/works/apologia/part7.html (esp. from par. 5: “Starting then with the being of a God….”)

    It will do the reader good to save these important links.

  7. John 8:44 Jesus said to the Jews,”You are of your father the devil and your father’s will you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and he stood not in the truth because truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father thereof.

    What was Jesus saying to them when he said the devil was a murderer from the beginning? I am of the opinion that he was speaking from the beginning in the garden of Eden. He also said that they would do their father’s will which means that they will murder and lie like their father. And that is what history has taught that they do and are still doing. From the beginning seems to point to their being the seed of the serpent. I believe Christians are wrong looking for the antichrist being one person. I believe the antichrist is the international Jew.

  8. Here’s what the early Church Fathers wrote re- the Antichrist:

    The website is reliable except when it refers to anything since the 1960s when a counterfeit “Catholic” church was established under antipopes/papal pretenders, as my other comment explains.

    Antichrist is both an anti-Christian spirit throughout the last 2 millennia but also an individual.

  9. The Universilaty of Islam beats Christianity miles on. The Quran declares that Christians and Jews believe that you go to hell if you do not believe in their religion. It continues to that He is the Lord of all and will judge everyone according to his deed. Islam also declares that God Almighty sent one hundred 25 thousand messengers to mankind…..thus all Muslims ( forget the Chirsitan manipulated occasional anti-Christian acts in Muslim Countries ) never disrespect the Sacred personalities of all religions as we have no knowledge that they were not Messanger of God Almighty. Never forget that the Hindu Faith is also clearer about the One Almighty God than Christianity will ever be because Christianity is all about according to this and this and this. And Very little about Jesus’s simple message belief in one God and Love for not only all humans but all of his creation just as in Islam.
    All these books you refer to must be because you are trying to find true Christianity. Let me be honest it died the day it arrived in Rome. What you follow is what the Autocratic West imposed on its population. And you have the audacity to call Islam man-made?

  10. Have you tried reading one or more of the 4 gospels? Jesus suffered & died as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. The Koran says He didn’t even die on the Cross in order to get around His glorious resurrection! He proved that He is God who became man.

    1. Mohammed preached for decades in Mecca and his new religion, cobbled together from bits of Nestorian Christianity and Diaspora Judaism, grew to only about 150 followers. Then he went to Medina, became political and violent, and altered his doctrines to encourage his followers to take the property of unbelievers, enslave or kill them, and capture their wives and daughters as sex slaves. After making that decision, his following grew by several thousands in only a decade. This is all based on the Hadiths and is uncontested by any school of Islamic scholarship.
    2. Mohammed is therefore not primarily to be viewed as a religious teacher: At that, he failed. But he was a very successful Arabian warlord. He created an army and incentivized it to a ruthless effectiveness. To that degree, he is comparable to Shaka Zulu. Mohammed’s religious doctrines would never have become widespread had it not been for his success at conquering, as his earlier failure-to-launch in the Meccan period demonstrates.
    3. Islam’s early growth after Mohammed followed the same pattern: It grew through conquest, not by convincing people of its truth. Meanwhile the standardization of the Quran, and the redacting of the Hadiths, were done under the supervision of the first few caliphs. The resulting norms of Islamic practice are really very-well architected for uniting and expanding an empire through conquest of its neighbors. And the proof is in the pudding: The Islamic caliphs conducted constant warfare against Christian North Africa until the land of St Augustine became the land of the Barbary Pirates. None of that is controversial.
    4. Mohammed, a slave-taking, child-bride-deflowering, conquering marauder, is held to be the example of behavior for Muslims. That, too, is core Muslim teaching. Consequently jihad (by money, by propaganda, and sometimes by violence) is an irrevocable religious obligation in Islam. Likewise is the subjugation of the kafir, the unbeliever. Likewise compelling the kafir to pay the jizya. Likewise the permissibility of taqiya (religiously-motivated lies to advance Islam) and of taking sex slaves. Any form of Islam which removes those items is NOT originalist Islam.
    5. But that means our Muslim neighbors, if they are peaceable, are NOT practicing originalist Islam, either because they are consciously ignoring that part of the Islamic teaching, or because they don’t know about it.

  11. Present day so called Christians have nothing to original Christianity. You lot are just barking like dogs against Islam. You do not follow him. ” HE WAS GOD WHO BECAME HUMAN AND DIED FOR our SINS “. IN OTHER WORDS HE WAS A LIZERD WHO CHANGED HIS COLOURS AND DIED FOR YOUR SINCE SO THAT YOU CAN GO MURRDERING, RAPING AND LOOTING NATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE.
    HAVE SOME SHAME BEFOR YOU TALK ABOUT MUSLIM CONQUESTS. Your hearts are full of poison. You have not stopped that since the Crusaders time. We know Jews are using you as digs wars but at the same time you are using Jews against Muslims like Dogs of War just to occupy Islamic lands because you were booted out of Palestine and the rest of the Lavant.

  12. Sarhan, why don’t you wake up? Instead of accusing Darrell of audacity, ask yourself why he doesn’t ask about the spiritual origin of what Mohammed judged to be revelation from a divine source? Darrell is materialist and unconscious mouthpiece who propagates a fake Christianity developed by occult lodges to keep people stupid.

  13. Instead of repetition of what you already know, why not study Rudolf Steiner on usury? Of course Muslims believe Jesus will return because they don’t understand the scientific idea of metamorphosis in regard to individual thinking activity.

  14. Honest statements are always considered as such. Just as in these days speaking truth is conspiracy theory and mass murder as colllatrol damage.

  15. Was He? So, what, what did He leave behind? We Americans and the indeed the World can say, ‘Thank You Mr. Paine’!

  16. Imre Tihanyi,

    You better improve your English proficiency before releasing more confusion here.

    I ASKED you: “Was Paine Mason”?

    I did not assert: “Paine was Mason.”

    You don’t understand simple English.

    You are manipulative and conceal your ignorance.
    You don’t know if Paine was Mason or not.

  17. You don’t get the point, Sarhan. You need to fight your religious wars with Asians. Americans see religion as business. Invite Darrell to visit you in Asia – that’s where he belongs.

  18. It’s not stupid. Leo Zagami did an excellent video on Voodoo from Benin, David Icke interviewed Zulu Credo Mutwa. European spiritual became scientific and public by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), but generally speaking, Europeans are confronted with their own problems which cause everybody trouble.

  19. Sarhan, it’s Jews using false Christians, most of them Zionists, & western neo-pagans against Muslims. “Divide & conquer.” On August 15, 1871 Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry General Albert Pike wrote a letter to Italian P-1 33rd Degree Grand Commander Giuseppe Mazzini. In the letter Pike talked of a Brotherhood plan for THREE WORLD WARS. https://ia601900.us.archive.org/16/items/albert-pike-letter-to-mazzini/Albert%20Pike%20Letter%20to%20Mazzini.pdf

    The first, he said, would destroy czarist Russia and create a Communist “bogeyman” which the bankers could employ to justify their foreign interventions around the world. The second, Pike said, would be used to create Israel, which would become a mercenary force for the international bankers, protecting oil interests for Rothschild and Rockefeller combines.

    The Third World War, stated Pike’s letter, would pit Arabs against Zionists, and would culminate in a New World Order completely controlled by the international bankers and their secret societies.

    There is one small group of true Christians, i.e. traditional Catholics independent of apostate & Judeo-Masonic-controlled Rome.

    The Crusades were justified to re-take the Holy Land conquered by the infidel Muslims. One of the Crusaders, King St Louis IX, has his feast day today. A true & holy Christian monarch. A short bio of him:

  20. You forgot one. .. each religion believes that theirs is the one that created man.. so if their god/a god/any god created man, everyone has the same blood line and all this hate that is bred around the world, nothing but a power led lie.