VT RADIO: Meet The Military Wives Who Fought U.S. Government to Ensure No Man is Left Behind

TRUE STORY! Unwavering: The Wives Who Fought to Ensure No Man is Left Behind is an incredible new book written by today's VT Radio Guests' Taylor Baldwin Kiland and Judy Silverstein Gray.


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TRUE STORY!  Unwavering: The Wives Who Fought to Ensure No Man is Left Behind is an incredible new book written by today’s VT Radio Guests’  Taylor Baldwin Kiland and Judy Silverstein Gray.

Together they tell the true story of the women who waged an epic home front battle to ensure our nation leaves no man behind to VT Radio Host Johnny Punish.

When some of America’s military men are captured or go missing during the Vietnam War, a small group of military wives becomes their champions. Never had families taken on diplomatic roles during wartime, nor had the fate of our POWs and missing men been a nationwide concern.

In cinematic detail, authors Taylor Baldwin Kiland and Judy Silverstein Gray plunge you directly into the political maneuvering the women navigated, onto the international stage they shared with world leaders, and through the landmark legacy they created.



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  2. Johnny that was an excellent discussion with the lady authors. Something very vital never got covered though. That is the role that Sen. and POW John McCain played in our Congress as a returned POW and elected Senator. Sydney Schanberry, the Pulitzer winner for “The Killing Fields” lays it all out. An honorable man while alive. Those seeking the truth should visit his website or follow this link. https://www.beyondthekillingfields.com/vietnam-mia-pows/

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