Is Trump Secretly Negotiating a Pardon with Biden?

September 1, 2022

Is Ivanka talking to Biden’s people?

By Johnny Punish

Yesterday the FBI photo released by DOJ showed Trump had the documents! There is NOTHING to defend and Trump knows it. He’s been caught red-handed. Even the GOP and Fox News are coming to terms with this fact and are beginning to throw the former untouchable savior and messiah under the bus.

Trump’s original B.S. defense was that the documents were planted by the FBI. But then it was revealed that his lawyers, through a letter to DOJ, admitted he had them.

Then he tried the “But they’re mine and so I don’t have to give them back”. Well, he’s NOT the President. He is a citizen and no citizen has the right to top-secret documents unless cleared by the government with an explicit directive.

Sore Loser Trump has tried about 10 different excuses to which none of them fly. He’s been caught red-handed.  In fact, he indicted himself. Listen to him speak about classified documents when he was the U.S. President!

So I can imagine Trump on the witness stand.

TRUMP:  But I gave you all the documents already last time you asked

FBI: OK, so why did we find all these documents in your desk when we legally searched your home?

TRUMP: Oh fuck it, BIDEN WAS BORN IN KENYA! KENYA! I have the proof and will show it to you later.

JUDGE: Would you like an Orange Jump Suit with a lovely Prada collar or will the regular standard issue suffice? Bailiff, please escort this Sore Loser idiot to his jail cell!

But wait, will a PARDON actually happen?

VT, through anonymous sources, has received information that Ivanka Trump has already reached out to a connected person very close to the Biden inner circle to drop a trial balloon. This was done in person so as to avoid any emails, chats, or other electronic trails.

The source says Ivanka was there to see if Biden would consider a pardon in exchange for lockdown terms that would remove Donald Trump completely in total from the political arena for life.

In exchange for a guilty plea, the idea is that Biden would make some phone calls to get Georgia and New York off his back so that Donald could live out his life at Mar A Lago on a lifetime of probation; no politics, no fundraising, no appearing on TV to discuss politics, no book deals, nothing; a total and complete ban.

Reportedly, the source says, Biden would want Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr., and Eric banned for life from politics as well. In effect, the Trump family would be placed on a lifetime of probation in political exile.

However, Donald and his family would be allowed to continue their non-politics businesses without limits inside and outside the country but would be required to disclose all their business dealings in a special filing with the DOJ each year as part of their probation.

That would mean no hanky panky with foreign governments or assigns. All bank statements and financial dealings must be filed each year. In short, this would be a total lockdown so that Donald and his clan never see the inside of a prison cell.

Now, of course, there is NO formal deal here. However, it’s being floated and it’s very possible that Biden will agree to a Pardon if he gets what he believes the USA needs from such a situation. It would help Donald and save the USA a protracted criminal trial that would be beamed around the world for 1-2 years traumatizing the country and its allies around the world. It would put this whole sad Trump era episode to bed for the history books.

Now, this would depend on Donald keeping to the terms. Of course, in his whole life, he never kept to any terms agreed upon on any deal. He’s always negotiating after the fact; a nibbler indeed, always looking for that extra angle.

But in this case, it would need to be an immediate confiscation of assets and incarceration for any violation of probation.

In public, we will still see The Donald pretending he has leverage. But the truth is his lawyers who sent and agreed to the letter to DOJ that proved he knew he had the docs are now witnesses against Trump. They are, at this very moment, cutting their deals. They are too young and have a future. They won’t die on the sword for a has-been like Trump. They will squeal and implicate their client in the documents fraud lie that they told in a letter form.

So where are we now?

Well, the public will get the brazen defiant Trump. GOPers like Steve Doocy at Fox News in the morning are already capitulating and pivoting away from Donald. Karl Rove, he’s done with Trump. Laura Ingram, America’s favorite racist host at Fox, is done with Trump and moving to DeSantis.

It’s just a matter of time to start hearing Trump supporters jump the wagon saying “I love Trump but he made a mistake. I am now with DeSantis”. They will give themselves an out.

But, we actually don’t know fully. Will Biden actually pardon him? Or will Biden prefer to let Trump get publically burned at that stake and get the full Rosenberg?

It’s possible that the FBI already knows what deals were cut for those classified documents and where the profits were coming from. If so, they might want to completely obliterate Trump in public and for history’s sake, let him fry with no pardon deal.

Whatever the final outcome here, over time Trump will fade away. Most will deny they ever supported him.

Expect flaky Senator Lindsey Graham to have a come to the real Jesus moment and claim he was abducted by the devil who made him sell his soul. But now, he has repented and sees the errors of his ways claiming he spoke to Jesus himself and that he needs his constituents to send him money so he can worship Jesus in Congress for them. They will buy his BS and send him $$. Oh, those lovely gullible vulnerable followers!

Look I remember Nixon. He won in 1972 but by 1976, you couldn’t find anyone who voted for him. He was disgraced and nobody wanted to be associated with him. Everybody was wearing derogatory Nixon Tee Shirts. It was funny from this kid’s point of view.

This is what Trump has coming to him. He’s a dead man walking and it’s his fault. And no, Biden was NOT born in Kenya.

The era of conspiracy theory will end on the last branch that falls and that branch is Donald J. Trump; a forever guilty man documented by history. A man who, when called to lead the nation, failed to meet the challenge and instead fell completely apart at his lack of principled seams drowning in his debilitating pool of narcissism and ego.

Those non-existent seams never had a chance! It was always going to be American Carnage. But he told us that during his inauguration speech in 2017. Some of us just didn’t believe him.

Stay Tuned.