By Johnny Punish

OH! OH! CRAPS! What a week right?  Trump’s Night of the Long Knives Revenge Tour continues empowered by the fealty of his feckless Senate which has NO connection to the United States of America or its people. What the hell is going on and where is this going folks?

Well, at this point, with an enabled contemptuous lawless leader who gleefully, by design, adds massive fuel to division delivered by a powerful profiteering state media, I just don’t see resolution in the U.S.A.

As the ole song says “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind!…” I mean, OMG! I am NO genius here but when we just read the signs all we see is “Danger Wrong Way Turn Back”.

I mean, so many caring good folk still hope for the Orange Sicko to have his come to Jesus moment? I get that! But he never will. That’s not what sociopaths do. When dealing with sociopaths, naivete only brings fatality.

It is precisely this disposition that brings me to the place where I just don’t see resolution anywhere on the horizon.

I am NOT into naive or “hope” betting! I prefer cinch dominoes! And right now, all roads lead to a disaster on Election Day Nov. 3rd causing a really bad reaction on Nov. 4th to which consequences are unknown.

This delusional phony Messiah’s CONTEMPT along with the enabling by his wilful and dutiful followers spells C.I.V.I.L.W.A.R. by Nov. 4th. The Clash is on its way folks!

Now, I truly hope some positive dynamic changes this path towards a massive disaster. I am NOT rooting for massive failure. And seriously, I truly hope this prediction is 100% wrong.

But the evidence is everywhere! There is NO case for calm. Expecting King Trump to act like George Washington is just NOT realistic. He’s shown no signs of leading the country and ALL its people. He’s made ZERO attempts to bring us together. Instead, he openly encourages division like a Psycho-Caesar playing pin the tail on the wage slaves while he gorges on the dying carcass of a once-great Republic.

Again, I truly hope I am 100% wrong. In fact, in this case, being the fool who is wrong would be a great thing and I would wear it with great pride and joy knowing that my fellow Americans are collectively on a path to greater success as one with liberty and justice for all.

In the meantime, I am betting on the Don’t COME line… Throw the Dice!

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  1. you ant wrong, he,s just mobster like Erdegon, Netanyahu, & the rest milking every body down on the pretence of National security.

  2. Does anyone really know how much money our government owes to creditors? Donald Adolph brags about how great the economy is doing. But he is deafeningly silent about the public debt. Who loaned the government all this money? How will it ever be paid back? We spent most of our lives borrowing money at rates between about 7% and 18%. Today young couples can buy brand new homes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars at low interest rates of about 3%-4%. Why is this possible? Because the government has borrowed so much money and they only pay the interest on these loans so interest rates are so low today compared to earlier times. In fact some talk has been heard about negative interest rates where you pay the bank to hold your money. Does Congress care about how much money the government owes? How would you like to wake up one morning to discover the bank had confiscated all your life savings. America is broke bankrupt in more ways than one. It is only a matter of time when nature will take its course and bury all of us in the sand of time. No country can continue to borrow money forever without paying it back or printing it out of thin air.