Today FOX GOP NEWS apologized for allowing one of their guests to call young teen Climate Change Activist GRETA THUNBERG who has Asbergers “mentally ill“. (see for full story’)

While I have a fundamental problem with referring to Fox as “News”, they have a fundamental right to take positions on the issues and so do their followers.

However, engaging in mean spirited AWFUL UGLY DEMONIZATION of those who don’t fit their agenda is NOT ACCEPTABLE! And then to go after a young teen with a disease instead of intelligently respecting their viewers around the world and arguing their point of view on merit is beyond unacceptable? Weak is the nicest thing I can say.

But it’s not just their guest. Their openly racist host Laura Ingraham compared Thunberg’s speech to a clip from Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn” on her Fox show “The Ingraham Angle.” What is that? Weak! Heck, her own brother calls her a Monster!


They know dam well that Laura Ingrahm is an open racist profiteer with no shame. They hired her. When she open came out as a racist, they did not fire her. They knew who she was and what she sells. And yet, she is still there. And so, NO! NO FORGIVENESS. They just got caught again. That’s all.

Openly Racist Fox GOP News Star Host Laura Ingrahm gives the NAZI Heil Hitler Salute at the last Republican National Convention. Her Nazi supporter Father must be so proud of her.

As a proud independent thinker, I don’t watch their propaganda! Not my thing.

But for their fans reading this, I strongly advise you find another “news” outlet for your Republican News; one that sells agenda on merit and refuses to engage in ugly weak overt mean spirit demonization of those with whom they disagree. Be stronger! Demand better! Expect Excellence in your politics!

But more, this must stop everywhere on all sides. There is no compromise. We the people must reject this no class behavior across the board.

In this case, their followers must grab true integrity and embrace decency in their argument and stop enabling and applauding Fox in perpetuity. REJECT THEM!

Now go back to arguing your case against Climate Change!

Just Remember Decency is Calling and we expect you to answer!

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  1. …he or she who rocks the cradle rules the world….these kids don’t get a world stage by demanding it….it is a taffy pull…young minds stretched beyond repair…someone grabs one group and there is another over there and over there….there are serious adults behind Greta and her climate army…….more serious about controlling the narrative than controlling mother nature…..

  2. See my new post. This kid was sold or shopped by her parents and is totally scripted and probably mind-controlled. I would not be surprised to find she has also been a victim of elite pedophiles. Here is what I posted at the YouTube video that will probably be deleted since YouTube is part of the #GoogleGestapo mob serving the cabal:

    What mind-controlled Hollywood idiocy. I am reminded of the US Congress pretending it did not know that the alleged witness to Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwait babies out of incubators and against the wall, was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Washington and was never, ever, near the combat zone. Has anyone bothered to listen to every word of this? This was a professionally crafted script delivered my a mind-controlled zombie.

  3. That screengrab of Laura is so damn fake, she’s waving at people not doing a nazi salute. Article is as pathetic as this losers name…johnny punish…pfft.