Middle East Union Coming in 2050


by Johnny Punish

In the wake of the IRAN NUKE DEAL primarily signed by the United States and Iran along with the vitriolic criticism that came from Israel and their assigns in the U.S. Congress, it occurred to me that the vision of the Zionists is blinded by the fact that we’re all human beings.

And thus they cannot account or govern for anything else other than the narrow 5000-year-old mythology written by anonymous authors who lived in a world where Mammoths roamed the plains and the world ended somewhere south of the Nile river.

Now, this is NOT a complaint just against Israel because the Arab states are also suffering under antiquated dogma smashing into the 21st century.   In fact, the whole region is suffering from the lack of modernity caused by old crusties who continue to push 20th-century ideas on the people of the 21st century.

In fact, the children and future children of the Middle East are connected and will be even more connected to the rest of the world ultimately smashing the 20th century into oblivion without mercy.   It’s here and coming super fast!

I mean, the children want freedom and justice.  They want what everyone else wants; just to live in peace and to be whatever they want without being governed by old ideas that no longer work in this new world. In short, it’s over!

So why not just state the obvious that the warring disjointed Middle East has NO Future but a unified Middle East modeled on the ideas of freedom and justice for all in a connected world is the only path forward?

In this light, I hereby propose the first MIDDLE EAST UNION with a flag that will represent a new central government with a modernized constitution by the people and for the people that empower every man, woman, and child in the new Middle East that will put forth a completely new paradigm whereby the freedom to worship as one chooses is 100% protected and respected as personal rights without being part of the laws of the new Middle East Union.

In other words, the separation of religion and the state so that religion remains a very personal protected right not part of any state-sanctioned activity or law.


Now all you old detractors will come up with reasons why it will never work. I get it!
In fact, some will go back and tell me all about the past with some going on to quote religious dogma from 5000 years ago telling me God said this and God said that…..  Really I get it!

But really, don’t bother cause all of that failed garbage is the exact reason why the new Middle East Union is the only way forward.

So don’t waste your time telling me why the children of the future should not hold hands and empower one another cause that position only renders oneself an old crusty.

So if you’re a Zionist, step aside cause your ideas to suck really bad!  And if your extremist Crusader or Muslim Jihadist who wants to kill off everyone who’s not like you to honor God, well, check yourself into our new FREE HOSPITAL for Recovering Delusional Extremists (RDE).  Our new Middle East Union will fund your recovery at no charge because, in our new Middle East Union, we’re all human beings; not just some of us.

In fact, the new citizen oath goes as follows:  I pledge allegiance to the earth and all humans on it!   Get it? Got it? Good!

Middle East Union 2050!  For the people and by the people!  Get on Board!

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